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“Go west, young man!” “

FOLLOWING the highest thinking trend in our minds recently, here is a shining example of how to do it.

The City of Minneapolis Fire Department is taking over the rescue work and insurance interests are disbanding the fire patrol, according to a news clipping that recently reached my office.

There was a whole story related to this event, and I wrote to what I assumed was the right source of information and if I don’t tell you the whole story, it’s not my fault.

Some people just don’t like writing letters.

I received a very nice letter from our dear friend. Dr Harry M. Archer, and he reports his constant pleasure in reading this column and also his considerable improvement in health, for these two news items which we thank.

This Emergency Council that I mentioned recently, organized a county-wide disaster appeal monster the other day, rolling 20 units, in cooperation with the local chapter of the American Red Cross. . Considerable benefits have been gained, in particular what could be done to expedite such calls, via police radio, we have the fullest cooperation from the various police chiefs in the county.

The first emergency squad of the fire department turns several miles around (which was incidentally the first rescue corps in a volunteer FD in the United States) wrapped in beautiful new white overalls, with their names appropriately embroidered on the back. Quite an innovation in these pieces and looked very pragmatic. Especially nice when you’re answering a call and having to work under pressure in the mud with your Sundav-go-to appointments turned on.

And, speaking of volunteer emergency squads (oh, they sprout like mushrooms or dandelions, all over the country), what do you think of the following as a list of equipment?

Two axes with a pickaxe head, one ax with a flat head. two carpenter’s pliers, one wedge-tipped crowbar, two square points. D-handle shovels, two round-point long-handled shovels, a six-inch hoist, a 10-pound sled, two hacksaws. assorted blades, an all-purpose wood saw. 800ft assorted strings, pipe wrench. 24 inches. 1 ditto. 36 inch, two sets of flares and flags, one set of assorted cold scissors, one set of matching socket wrenches, assorted 20 foot chains, one auxiliary stretcher, two sets, arm and leg braces, two gas masks, a pair of rubber gloves, two blankets (folded the Ackerman way), a pair of insulated wire cutters, two first aid kits of 36 units, one tannic acid spray kit, one group first aid kit of 50 to 75 people. four additional woolen blankets (also folded Ackerman way), six. 12 × 18 foot reclaimed blankets, tar paper roll. beam of slats, various salvage tools, hammer, nails, etc. A 21/2 gal. Foam fire extinguisher, one gallon carbon tetrachloride type.

East this a fully equipped platform or is this. I hesk you!

Well, sir, only one thing is missing, and I won’t tell you what it is, but I will say it would be a worthy “PinchHitter” for the last two elements, and I say it with no apologies to the “town crier” of Here are readers, The fame of radio and cinema. Can you guess what the item is?

Besides, I had no difficulty obtaining this information, and it proves that the mail circulates regularly between here and Minneapolis, because it comes from the “Box 45 Associates “ of the Twin-Cities and is their list of what they carry on their platform.

You may remember that I told you that they did emergency and rescue work this way and that it was an independent, volunteer team, operating outside the city limits.

Over here, our neighbor, General Warren Emergency (and Salvage) Company of Haverstraw, has just installed a battery-operated telephone set, for communication between the truck and distant positions within a quarter-mile radius. Guess we’ll have to try this on our next disaster call.

Here is a good use of donations received from home owners or others who bless you for saving their property with salvage covers.

An outfit near my house (I could throw a rock at their quarters, but I’m told not to mention the name so often), recently received such a donation for leaving blankets on a roof for an unusually long period of time. They’re going to buy sophomore blankets for this kind of job, so that won’t deprive someone else of using their good blankets.

Funny how really tall men like Dr Archer can find the time to write to a struggling columnist, but the many firefighters and officers, paid and volunteers, who might be able to get a practical benefit of this blurb do not even find the time to read it. I guess they are too busy


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C3 AI announces general availability of C3 AI CRM

REDWOOD CITY, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – C3 AI (NYSE: AI), the enterprise AI application software company, today announced the general availability of C3 AI CRM. C3 AI CRM works seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Siebel, Veeva, ServiceNow, Vlocity and SAP to enable businesses to fully invest in AI. C3 AI CRM incorporates a new AI-based graphical interface that provides rich visualizations of sales, market and customer data to deliver insights that drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

“At Siebel Systems, we invented CRM,” said Thomas M. Siebel, CEO of C3 AI. “With C3 AI CRM, we are reinventing and reinventing CRM – a market with an installed base of over $ 500 billion – by enabling organizations to fully enable AI for their existing CRM investments.”

Installed and fully operational in as little as 60 days, C3 AI CRM provides a fully empowered AI CRM for sales staff, sales management and executive management, offering the following AI-enabled capabilities:

  • Accurate AI revenue and product forecasting to reduce forecasting errors by up to 500%.

  • AI Next Best Product and Next Best Offer to accelerate sales for future periods up to the current quarter.

  • AI Customer Retention to identify customers who may unsubscribe and recommend actions to increase retention.

  • Predictive Customer Satisfaction which enables businesses to predictively track trends in customer satisfaction and engagement, enabling businesses to carefully plan and design their customer satisfaction levels.

  • Predictive relationship modeling to enable sales and management to leverage AI to graphically visualize all the intricacies of human, customer and market dynamics in real time.

Importantly, C3 AI CRM provides a rich graphical, AI-powered user experience that fundamentally redefines the CRM human-machine interaction paradigm, harnessing the full power of the C3 AI suite – the complete platform. C3 AI data integration and application development – to generate rich, real-time visualizations of sales, market and customer data. No longer limited by cumbersome tables and forms, sales staff and executives can now interact with rich AI visualizations to drive revenue, market share, and customer satisfaction.

C3 AI CRM includes:

  • C3 AI business vision. Predictive modeling of real-time relationships, including virtual inter-organizational work teams and org charts, allowing sellers to see their colleagues’ relationships with buyers and influencers on current and potential customer accounts.
  • C3 AI market vision. Visualizes the interrelationships at the intersection of business, customer, third parties, and exogenous factors, enabling salespeople and business managers to identify the connections between their business and their customers.
  • Customer vision of the AI ​​C3. Predictive Customer Satisfaction Scoring identifies factors that drive satisfaction, enabling management to increase customer retention.

C3 AI CRM enables seamless integration of data from existing CRM systems with open source data, Snowflake, SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, Ariba, Workday and NetSuite, as well as news, social media, actions and industry-specific raw material prices and econometrics as a source of information. C3 AI CRM provides rich natural language processing (NLP) capabilities that use semantic information inherent in news, social media, text, financial reports, and analyst reports to inform C3’s machine learning algorithms AI CRM.

C3 AI CRM is immediately available today on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS and IBM Cloud. Learn more about

About, Inc., Inc. (NYSE: AI) is the enterprise AI application software company accelerating the digital transformation of organizations around the world. C3 AI offers a family of fully integrated products: C3 AI® Suite, an end-to-end platform for the development, deployment and operation of large-scale AI applications; C3 AI Applications, a portfolio of industry-specific SaaS AI applications; C3 AI CRM, a suite of industry-specific CRM applications designed for AI and machine learning; and C3 AI Ex Machina, a codeless AI solution for applying data science to everyday business problems. The core of the C3 AI offering is an open, model-based AI architecture that dramatically simplifies data science and application development. Learn more about:

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Best Sonny Chiba Movies, Ranked

A former assassin, who has long since left this life, sees his marriage interrupted by a massacre perpetrated by his former colleagues: the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad and their leader, Bill. The Bride (Uma Thurman), as we know her, surprisingly survives and returns for revenge for the team in an epic and much-loved film. She leaves a trail of bloody, sleek bodies in her wake, and in the process, we find out she was pregnant (a fact that even Bill doesn’t know). This film sees her teardowns of the first two Vipers, Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) and O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu).

It’s a mind-boggling homage to samurai and murderer cinema (with a few more western features) and a key film in Tarantino’s work. Sonny Chiba plays retired master swordsman Hattori Hanzō, a legendary craftsman who comes out of retirement to right an unnamed wrong and make The Bride one final piece of world-class steel. This is the first installment of a two-volume film (continued the following year), and together the couple forge an elegant, action-packed tribute to genres that wouldn’t have been the same without Sonny Chiba. . Here, the character of Chiba is essential and his performance memorable, a deserved tribute to his own cinematic legacy and those he has helped shape throughout his long career.

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New “Work Design for Health” Framework Offers Viable Directions for Improving Employee Health and Well-Being

The “Work Design for Health” framework, developed by researchers at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and MIT Sloan School of Management, shows how to create work environments that promote the health and well-being of workers.

The framework offers new and viable directions for improving the health and well-being of workers while maintaining or improving employee engagement and productivity, according to the researchers. It explains why employers should move from offering wellness programs, which aim to change individual behaviors, to creating working conditions that lighten the burden and support the health and well-being of employees.

The Work Design for Health framework is described in an article published online in the American Journal of Public Health on September 9, 2021. Additionally, the team has created a toolkit and website to guide employers through of the process of assessing whether their workplace could benefit from the Work Design for Health approach, as well as how to implement it and explain the research behind the framework.

Many employers are looking for ways to support the health and well-being of their employees, especially after a year of high stress and unusual challenges at work and in the world. We hope that the Work Design Framework will inspire more organizations to consider the different ways that work affects the health and well-being of employees. “

Erin L. Kelly, Sloan Distinguished Professor of Work and Organizational Studies at MIT Sloan and co-author of the article

Lisa Berkman, Thomas D. Cabot professor of public policy and epidemiology at Harvard Chan School and principal investigator of the article, explained: also maintain their productivity. The companion website provides real-world, research-tested examples of practical changes that can improve health and well-being. “

In recent years, discussions of improving worker health have focused on health promotion or wellness programs focused on individual behaviors, such as increasing exercise, practicing mindfulness or eating healthy foods. Recent rigorous research by others indicates that these programs do not substantially alter these behaviors or practices to impact a wide range of employee health outcomes, suggesting that a new perspective on working conditions and the working environment is necessary. The Harvard Chan School and MIT Sloan team stress that these social conditions are major determinants of poor health, and therefore, changing them leads to disease and disability prevention in the first place.

Building on decades of research and previous work redesign frameworks, the team offers an updated work redesign model for the realities of working in the 21st century. This framework identifies three strategies for reshaping working conditions that not only improve the well-being of workers, but can also benefit the organization:

  • Increase workers’ control over their schedules and give them a greater voice over working conditions;
  • Moderate work demands; and
  • Provide training and support for employers aimed at improving social relations at work.

The toolkit provides many examples and case studies of how these strategies have been tested and implemented in various workplaces. For example, one study found that giving high-tech professionals more control over their work schedules resulted in workers who were more productive, less stressed, and less likely to quit.

In addition to being more effective at increasing employee well-being, an overhaul based on the Work Design for Health framework could save employers money, the researchers say. Wellness programs now cost, on average, more than $ 700 per employee, while a large overhaul initiative reviewed by the authors costs about half that price.

“Changes in the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic have shown employers that giving workers more flexibility about where, when and how they work can benefit employees and their workers. organizations, ”said Meg Lovejoy, co-author of the article and research. program director of the Work and Well-being Initiative at the Center for Population and Development Studies at Harvard Chan School. “The return to more familiar work practices and environments offers employers a key moment to reflect on how they can reshape the work environment to better promote worker well-being, engagement and retention. . The Work Design for Health approach offers advice and evidence-based strategies to employers on how they might achieve this.

Laura Kubzansky, co-author of the article and Lee Kum Kee professor of social and behavioral sciences at Harvard Chan School, puts more emphasis on the importance of working conditions as key determinants of happiness and well-being, too. important as socio-economic position, family and community ties, or other aspects of the social environment.


Journal reference:

Lovejoy, M., et al. (2021) Work Redesign for the 21st Century: Promising Strategies to Improve Worker Well-Being. American Journal of Public Health.

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Georgia Faces College of Charleston on the road

Georgia (6-1) v College of Charleston (1-5-1)
Dated: Sunday September 12
Time: 12:00 p.m. EDT
To place: Ralph Lundy Field at Patriots Point

Direct: FloTV
Live Statistics:
Twitter: @UGASoccer

Social media: For full information on Georgia football, follow the team on their social media via @UGASoccer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

History of the series

This will be the sixth meeting between Georgia and College of Charleston. The Bulldogs lead the series 5-0, their last meeting being on September 15, 2013. Georgia defeated the Cougars 5-1.

Flaming freshmen
Georgia’s freshman class came out and shone Thursday night against Presbyterian. After scoring two goals, the striker Danielle Lewin is tied for fourth in scorers and second in goals per freshman in the NCAA. Cheeky Rebecca Womer played a season-high 34 minutes, took two shots and assisted Lewin’s second goal. Finally, forward Faith Ferrer made his third appearance and scored in the 83rd minute.

First careers
Junior midfielder Mallie McKenzie scored his first career goal Thursday night. Designed as a cross, the ball connected in the left side of the net. Having been a key midfield player for the Bulldogs since her first year, she has appeared 41 times with 23 starts.

Put numbers
In seven matches, Georgia occupy first place in the country with 32 goals. The 32 goals are the most goals in program history in seven games, surpassing 23 in 2000. With 4.57 goals per game, Georgia’s offense ranks second in the NCAA and first in the SEC.

Dwarf palm tree pattern
Sunday’s game is the fourth consecutive meeting between Georgia and a nearby South Carolina school. This is the first four-game streak against schools in the same state.

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Join the Sierra Club Secret Society – elections are underway now!

Voting is open from October 4 to November 15. Members of the Angeles section will receive information on how to vote on or around October 4th.

The fate of the Sierra Club is in your hands. Apathy turns the Sierra Club, once known for its inclusion and a large fan base, into a secret society. In rough numbers, we have about 100,000 supporters in Los Angeles and Orange counties. Of these supporters, only 40% have enough interest to pay the annual membership fee of $ 15 and be an “official member”. This means that there are approximately 40,000 members eligible to vote in the elections that determine the direction and priorities of our section. Among them, on the basis of previous years, about 500 will make the effort to vote. This would suggest that only 1.25% of our members are ready to legitimize our Chapter leadership and less than 0.5% of Southern California environmental supporters.

Does it make a difference? Can’t the Sierra Club fulfill its mission without my vote?

It makes a difference on many fronts

1) Without your vote, the evolution of a secret society with the Sierra Club is inevitable. For example, I have over 6,000 connections on LinkedIn – not just blind followers, but connections made up mostly of people I have had contact with over the year. For example, I send between 4 and 8 birthday notes every day. If I convinced only ten percent of my connections to join the Sierra Club and vote on my suggestions, then I would have created my own personal secret society within the Sierra Club. Apathy has already created de facto secret societies within the Chapter and within the National Sierra Club, as apathy allows decision making to become opaque.

Whether it is a section entity or a government agency, behavior at meetings changes when there are observers or when those involved in daily life are alone. It is human nature, and it is the main reason why those interested in the environment should be involved.

The good news is that when many of us are involved, the workload is less. If twelve people are interested in an issue, only one needs to observe a meeting as a stranger once a month. The individual charge is to observe only one meeting per year.

2) Without your vote, the legitimacy of the Sierra Club is in question. The reason our organization is so focused on going out is that most people don’t understand the importance of the environment without seeing it with their own eyes. Therefore, if the three words of our motto: Explore, Enjoy and Protect, two of the three are focused on the public’s commitment to the beauty and relevance of the environment. Our constituency is made up of people who want to explore and enjoy the outdoors, whether it is a garden, a neighborhood park or a national forest.

The power of this constituency lies in the fact that the environment is protected through four activities: a show in numbers through a petition or participation, a show in numbers in the voting booth, the funding of ” legal action and funding of political influence. Those of our leaders involved in protecting the environment and promoting sustainability are few. They depend on their ability to represent the voices of thousands or a hundred thousand. Apathy takes the oxygen of the room, it’s hard to argue that we represent the opinion of 100,000 environmentally conscious people in Southern California when less than 500 believe enough in the organization. to vote. Should a government agency, politician, or developer believe the leader is the voice of 1,000,000 or just view the leader as the voice of 500?

3) As mentioned, the power of the Sierra Club comes from its effectiveness in the four activities by which most environmental problems are solved – a mass show through petition or participation, a mass show through ‘voting booth, funding for legal action, and funding for political influence. Two of these actions require people and the actions of people. If you want to personally volunteer your time, we need your help as a volunteer, but if you want to make a difference and don’t have the time, then vote in our Chapter election – your vote gives legitimacy to volunteers who volunteer their time.

Out of 100,000 supporters, there are only hundreds of actively engaged volunteers each month and less than 100 leaders among them. These leaders need the legitimacy of your vote. Without the legitimacy of individual participation, then money will become the Sierra Club’s preferred tool. Money can fund legal actions and political campaigns, but money suppresses the voice of individuals and empowers particular interests – the Sierra Club risks becoming a glorified special interest political action committee that simply offers wellness outings as a public relations effort.

4) What if I don’t like any of the candidates on the slate? The solution is not apathy. The solution is to participate in the election and not vote for someone you don’t want to vote for. Think about it. If 4,000 people vote and all the candidates get only 500 votes each, our nominating team will figure out how to improve the process. We will improve. However, if only 500 votes and each candidate gets 500 votes, we’ll assume that everyone liked each of the candidates.

As noted at the top of the article, the fate of the Sierra Club is literally in your hands. Simply open the email with your ballot and vote for the leadership of your local group and for the four “At Large” seats open to the Section Executive Committee. Your local group leadership also has a seat on the executive committee, which is the group of volunteer leaders responsible for making all branch decisions and representing the section in national issues through other Sierra Club entities.

Voting is open from October 4 to November 15. Members of the Angeles section will receive information on how to vote on or around October 4th.

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DBS Offers 8% Cash Back Grocery, Social Business, Green Utility Discounts September 9, 2021 – Mothership.SG

It’s that time of year – for 9.9 deals.

DBS is running an extra bonus day on September 9th, but it’s not just any extra bonus day.

With this month’s focus on the environment and social enterprises, here’s what you can expect while doing your part to protect the environment.

As such, DBS rewards users who make small but significant changes towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Get an extra eight percent ^ cash back when you pay for groceries with your DBS / POSB cards.

Get extra savings when you use these DBS / POSB card promotions:

If you have a DBS Live Fresh card, it will also give you an additional 5% Green Cashback on select green retailers and services (Little Farms and Scoop Wholefoods fall under the grocery category). Soft.

^ No minimum spend is required, cashback is capped at S $ 8 per customer and will be credited by September 24, 2021.

You will also earn 18% cashback * when you go cashless with PayLah! on your first hawker or WhyQ transaction.

* No minimum spend is required and cashback is capped at S $ 2 for the first 100,000 customers.

Give back to the community and save more

Plus, DBS partners with a wide range of merchants to help you easily support social businesses and partners who champion green causes, all through a convenient portal to the DBS Marketplace.

Get S $ 8 rebate when you switch electricity supplier to one of DBS’s four utility partners, or book a workshop with social enterprises such as Bettr Barista and BloomBack.

Get up to 15% off in the education marketplace and earn an additional $ 8 discount when you enroll your kids in these sustainability-themed courses.

Cashback and rewards when you protect your future

Get $ 18 cash back when you invest at least $ 1,000 in digiPortfolio and when you invest in both environmental and economical mutual funds.

You can also receive rewards of up to S $ 450 when you are insured with SavvySpring (II), an endowment plan.

Register online on 9.9 and enter the promo code “SSCASH200”For a cash reward of S $ 200 per insured person, as well as gift certificates valued at S $ 250 from Open Farm Community, Singapore’s pioneering urban farm and restaurant concept. **

** In collaboration with Manulife. SavvySpring (II) is issued and underwritten by Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“Manulife”) (Registration No. 198002116D) and distributed by DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”). This announcement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Customers will also receive e-vouchers valued at S $ 50 when purchasing a 3-year Premium or Ultimate myHome Protect II home contents insurance plan. ***

Note that the direct gift exchange is only available at the selected supplier and the promotions listed here are applicable on September 9.

To view the full terms and conditions, click on here.

Have an extra green and bonus day!

This article is brought to you by DBS, which reminds this writer to be more environmentally friendly today.

***myHome Protect II is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited (“Chubb”) and distributed by DBS Bank Ltd (“DBS”). This is not an obligation, deposit or guarantee by DBS. This is not an insurance contract. Full details of the insurance terms, conditions and exclusions are provided in the policy terms and will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application by Chubb.

You have a free consultation period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the policy. If you decide to cancel the policy within those 30 days, please notify Chubb in writing and they will cancel the policy from the start date and refund the full premium paid, provided no claims have arisen.

This policy is protected by the Policyowner Protection Program which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (“SDIC”). Your policy coverage is automatic and no further action is required on your part. For more information on the types of benefits covered by the plan as well as the limits of coverage, if any, please contact Chubb or visit the website General Insurance Association Where SDIC websites.

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New “Sort It Sonoma!” Video series featuring the Earthlings Club at the Sonoma Ecology Center promotes proper waste sorting

Read the full press release.

Are you confused as to what should and shouldn’t go in the recycling (blue), organics (green) and garbage (gray / black) carts? The City of Sonoma and the Earthlings Club at the Sonoma Ecology Center are here to help! The city and the Terrans have teamed up to create a series of “how-to” public service announcements and informative videos to help the Sonomans answer this question.

The Terrans – a youth-led group of Sonoma residents dedicated to driving environmental change through education, hands-on activities and community building – created four informative videos on proper sorting of materials. organics, recycling, what not to put in the recycling bin, and some information on the City’s new ban on disposable catering items. These videos can be viewed on the City’s website and on the YouTube channel.

The City thanks the following Terrans who wrote and acted in the videos (in alphabetical order):

• Isobel Apgar
• Phoebe Richards
• Madeline Sickert
• Caroline Studdert
• Andy (Zi Di) Xu
• Frankie Yorka School
• Nico York

Thanks also to the relatives and friends of the following Earthlings who contributed to the production of the videos (in alphabetical order):

• Paloma Apgar, mother
• Cindy Lindh, project coordinator
• John Lindh, videographer
• Julia Megna, SEC education project manager, Earthlings Club advisor
• Edwin Richards, parent, director
• Catherine Thorpe, parent, project coordinator
• Tina (DongFang) Tian, ​​mother
• Simone York, mother

For more information on sustainability and climate action in the city of Sonoma, please visit

To learn more about the Earthlings Club at the Sonoma Ecology Center, please visit

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GOP pressure to block construction of bipartisan infrastructure bill in House

Dynamics in the House are very different from that in the Senate last month when 19 Republicans – including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – voted to pass a law that allows reconstruction of American roads and bridges, strengthens the network broadly. band across the country and gives Republicans and Democrats a rare opportunity to mark a bipartisan achievement in the election campaign next fall.

For House Republicans, voting “yes” on the bipartisan bill later this month could be far more of a handicap. Former President Donald Trump, who still wields unparalleled influence over the conference, urged members to vote against. Members of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus have threatened to campaign against GOP colleagues who vote “yes”, and outside conservative groups like the Club For Growth have already alerted members they are calling for a “no” vote .

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia – who has previously threatened to campaign against her “weak” Republican colleagues who support the $ 1.2 trillion package – said GOP lawmakers should be “ashamed and never again. vote ”if they support the plan.

Texas Representative Chip Roy said he agreed, calling it “absurd” that 19 Senate Republicans backed the bill.

Even the top Republican, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, has made it clear that he is opposed to the bipartisan bill in its current form, potentially anticipating an effort by leaders to sink the government. law Project.

“As I read Bill now, I couldn’t support it,” McCarthy recently said in an interview with Fox Business Network. “I have great frustration with this bill.”

The Republican Study Committee, the largest Tory caucus in the House, began circulating a memo last month against the compromise bill.

Members and aides say it’s too early to know exactly how many Republican members might vote to advance the legislation or how much combat leadership will put in place to defeat it, but aides are predicting the number of GOP votes at stake would only be a few dozen. Unlike in the Senate where the bipartisan bill received a stand-alone vote weeks before a larger, Democrat-only proposal was ready, in the House, the bipartisan bill is expected to arrive around the same time that the Democrats are preparing to vote on legislation that will expand federal health care programs, raise taxes and reinvent the social safety net.
In order to satisfy her caucus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a commitment from the start not to move the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the House has completed its more important proposal, which, according to Republicans, allowed them to argue that the two bills, which are separate proposals, are inextricably linked.
With only a three-vote margin, Pelosi had to be cautious in securing both moderate and progressive votes on both packages and promised moderates that she would introduce the bipartisan bill by September 27 at the latest, but Republicans don’t wait until then to begin their effort to message the bill.
For months, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, has directly engaged members on how Democrats are using their reconciliation bill as an opportunity to repeal the GOP tax cuts that were their signature under Trump. The Republicans on the committee managed a “war room” and worked to directly educate members on the only Democratic bill that would raise taxes for some Americans.

“If they continue to be linked and they continue to be pushed as a whole, it is quite difficult for Republicans infrastructure professionals like me to vote for this,” said Representative Rodney Davis of Illinois , one of the top Republicans on the House Transport Committee. and a member of the whip team, told CNN.

Republicans say much of the outcome of the bipartisan bill depends on when and when Pelosi addresses the two elements of the infrastructure program.

“The biggest concern for most Republicans I’ve spoken to is the fact that the $ 3.5 trillion package is still hanging out there as a bad guy,” Rep. Dusty Johnson, a South Dakota Republican who serves as a whip for bipartisan problem-solvers. Caucus, told CNN. “The fact that we can get a 3.5 trillion dollar package adopted at some point before or shortly after the passage of a trillion dollar infrastructure package, I mean it complicates the way. to follow. there is no doubt. “

Democrats hope the political benefits of the “yes” vote on the bipartisan infrastructure package will be too tempting for leading Republicans to pass up. A Fox News poll in August, for example, found that 62% of the public supported the $ 1.2 trillion package.
House Democrats brace for showdown amid divisions over infrastructure strategy

For Conservative MPs in safe red seats, a vote against the bipartisan infrastructure bill may be easier, but for MPs in tough re-elections, new investments in roads and bridges offer an easy and tangible sense of proving to their constituents that they are keeping their promises. district. Democrats are also hoping that the recent natural disasters that have wreaked havoc across the country will renew the sense of urgency to invest in the country’s aging infrastructure.

But there is no indication that Republicans have changed their minds in recent days. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, whose home state of Louisiana was ravaged by Hurricane Ida, is still expected to oppose the measure.

“I am against the $ 5,000 billion far-left tax hike and the Green New Deal agenda masquerading as an infrastructure bill,” Scalise told CNN in a statement.

And fellow Louisiana Republican Garret Graves told a committee meeting last week that it was “ridiculous” to spend trillions of dollars on the reconciliation plan and said the committee’s priorities were completely out of step with what was needed in terms of how the federal response can be strengthened to respond to natural disasters.

While many moderate Republicans may support the core content of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, they also feel comfortable opposing the measure if it is seen as paving the way for a massive spending program. Democrats on social programs and climate change.

It’s unclear if and how many GOP votes Democrats would need to pass their bipartisan legislation. If Democrats stay united, they won’t need it. But many progressives have yet to publicly commit to voting for the bipartisan bill. With that three-vote margin, Pelosi might need a handful of Republican votes to get legislation across the finish line.

The GOP leadership has still not decided whether to formally oppose the plan, but the Freedom Caucus is publicly pressuring McCarthy to do so, arguing that they shouldn’t be the ones bailing out Pelosi. While flogging against the bill would certainly appease McCarthy’s right flank – and increase pressure on Democrats to vote for themselves – it could also alienate moderate Republicans in major swing districts who are considering supporting the measure. .

For the crypto world, the bipartisan infrastructure package brings a 'political awakening'

Some of them already felt burnt out earlier this year when McCarthy delegated one of his allies, GOP Representative John Katko from New York, to strike a deal on a commission to investigate the attack. of January 6 against the Capitol. McCarthy said he would let members vote according to their conscience, but then unofficially encouraged members to oppose the bipartisan agreement and ultimately voted against himself.

Even if GOP leaders decide to actively campaign against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, a member of the bipartisan problem-solving committee predicted that there could be as many as 30 House Republicans crossing the lines party to support the bill, noting the large bipartisan vote in the Senate. provides them with some coverage.

Representative Don Bacon, a Republican from Nebraska who represents a district won by Biden, said he would likely vote for the legislation – but only if it is decoupled from the reconciliation package.

“I think the majority of problem-solvers and many in the Main Street Republican caucus (will vote for the bill) if the hard infrastructure bill is not tied to Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialist plan of $ 3.5 trillion, “Bacon told CNN. “They have to be totally separate votes.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story distorted Rep. Kevin Brady’s war room purpose. It is intended to pressure Republicans against the Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

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Georgia hosts Wofford for Seniors’ Night on Sunday

Georgia (4-1-0) vs. Wofford (2-3-0)
Dated: Sunday September 5th
Time: 6 p.m. EDT
Site: Athens, Georgia.
To place: Turner Soccer Complex (1,682)

Direct: SEC + Network (Jeff Dantzler, PxP)
Live Statistics:
Twitter: @UGASoccer

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History of the series

Sunday’s game is only Georgia’s second all-time encounter with Wofford. In the previous meeting, the Bulldogs beat the Terriers, 6-1, on September 10, 2004, in Athens.

Declaration of victory for Dawgs

Georgia claimed their biggest win in recent program history with a 3-1 victory over No.15 Clemson on Thursday night. The victory was the first against the Tigers since 2009 and the first against a ranked opponent since 2015.

Belisle is the best

With her third two-goal game of the season, the graduate striker Mollie Belisle tied for first nationally at 7, tying it with Zsani Kajan of St. John’s. Belisle has already set a new career record for one-season scores and now ranks 10th in school history with 18 goals. She also ranks second nationally for points with 14.

Senior Evening

Ahead of tonight’s game, the eight senior members (Abby boyan, Kristen edmond, Weldon Kolker, Dani Murguia, Hale Otto, Bella ponzi, Cecily Stoute, Emory wegener) of the Georgia football team will be recognized with their families at a ceremony on the pitch.

Put numbers

In five matches, the Georgian attack occupies the first place in the country with 22 goals, surpassing the 18 scored last season. The 22 goals score the most goals in program history across five games, surpassing the 20 scored in 2000. With 4.4 goals per game, the killer offense ranks third nationally and first in the SEC.

Murguia makes noise

Senior midfielder Dani Murguia scored four goals and 13 points, setting new career records in just five games. Murguia and senior colleague Abby boyan fourth in the country in assists with five apiece. The Cleburne, Texas native is also ranked fifth nationally in points.

Lewin lights up

first year striker Danielle Lewin has established itself as one of the best news in the country. With five goals, she is tied for sixth in the country and tied for first among freshmen in scores. She also leads the team in shots and penalties, ranking first in the SEC in SOG per game (2.6).

Sharing is loving

In five games, Georgia rank third nationally in total assists with 21. Seniors Abby boyan and Dani Murguia ranks second in the league in assists with five, while also ranking fourth nationally. In total, nine different Bulldogs notched at least one assist in the first part of the season.

Coherence course

Thanks to a quartet of Bulldogs, Georgia’s starting lineup has remained remarkably consistent. Graduated Defender Kayla bruster started in 65 consecutive appearances, while the seniors Abby boyan (57), Bella ponzi (55), and Cecily Stoute (55) also continued their own sequences. With her debut against Georgia State, senior goaltender Emory wegener joined the “Club of 50”.


Admission to the Turner Soccer Complex is free. A selection of concessionary items will be available at great prices, with giant hot dogs, 20 oz. bottled sodas and 22 oz. fountain Coca-Cola ™ soft drinks sell for $ 2.50, while 20 oz. Boxes of Dasani®, candy and bottled popcorn cost $ 2. All concession items and merchandise at Turner Soccer Complex are cashless and contactless – MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are all accepted.

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