After a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic, Reunions has come back strong, living up to its reputation as One Hill of a Party! Classes marking their reunion in 2022 were joined by those who missed out in 2020 and 2021. In all, approximately 2,500 alumni, family and friends traveled to Hamilton to celebrate June 9-12.

From alumni colleges and live music to dedications and beloved traditions, the weekend was filled with events and opportunities for alumni to reconnect with faculty, current students and, above all, with each other. Even Mother Nature was eager to adapt, providing much better than expected weather with mild temperatures under sunny skies.

Weekend Highlights

  • Alumni Colleges has featured topics as diverse as the growing global food allergy epidemic with Hugh Sampson ’71; building a career in a first online company with a panel of 2005, 2006 and 2007 alumni; and “Kirkland Conversations” with members of the Charter Class of 1972, who came together to celebrate their 50e meeting.
  • Reading the traditional half-century class annalist letter was a little less traditional, with four letters featured throughout the weekend. John Pitarresi ’70 read reflections on behalf of the class of 1970; Rory Radding ’71 shared memories from the class of ’71; JK Hage III ’72, P’02, ’12 and Jon Hysell ’72, P’03 (with assistance from Steve Wulf ’72, P’12) delivered the Hamilton Class of ’72 speech; and Betty Marmon K’72 and Donna Kerner K’72 presented the first half-century letter from Kirkland Class of ’72 (See: YouTube Meetings 22 Playlist or look below).
  • Kirkland President Sam Babbitt, who received the Bell Ringer Award, was recognized for his service to the College; Gordon Kaye ’74, who received the Jeff Little Volunteer of the Year Award; and Phyllis Breland ’80, who received the Distinguished Service Award. In addition to numerous College Key Awards honoring alumni for special initiatives, Past Alumni Association President Josie Collier ’97, P’14 has been recognized for her service.
  • The Kirkland Charter Class dedicated its class gift, the Kirkland Green, an outdoor amphitheater located near the List Center and McEwen Yard, and honored Susan Skerritt K’77, P’11 for her leadership.
  • First class entertainment abounded. Rock-n-blues band Ghost Hounds, featuring Thomas Tull ’92, P’13, backed by a DJ set by David Solomon ’84, P’16 rocked the quad (video) Friday night.
  • It wouldn’t be Reunions without the All Alumni Parade, College Cemetery Tours, Remembrance Service, and Class Dinners. Other highlights of this year include the inauguration of the newly renovated chapel and the raising of glasses to celebrate the 25e anniversary of the Petit Pub.