ANN ARBOR – Ann Arbor SPARK and the Center for Digital Engagement at Eastern Michigan University are partnering for the eighth consecutive year to offer 48 paid internships through EMU’s Digital Summer Clinic.

Focused on technology and digital marketing, the internships connect participants with industry professionals and mentors and help them build professional portfolios.

“This program is truly one of a kind, interns will meet mentors, peers and thought leaders they can network with for years to come,” said Jorel McCree, program mentor and account manager at Pinterest. . declaration. “On top of that, interns gain confidence, speak in public, and understand the value/skills they can offer in an entry-level position, which will help them navigate their careers.”

Students and recent graduates can apply until April 30 through the Digital Summer Clinic Website. Past interns come from a variety of disciplines, including business, computing, communications, media arts and more.

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The nine-week internships will run from June 13 to August 1. 12. Some positions will be in person, while others will be hybrid or remote. The location of the internship depends on the placement in a company. Interns can expect to work on application and website development and content creation for social media and advertising for companies housed in the Ann Arbor SPARK incubator.

The hourly wage is $17 and interns will work 10 hours per week.

“We’ve been successful in attracting top talent from companies like Google, Pinterest, Duo Security, and Zingerman’s, who are dedicated to helping interns from all walks of life succeed,” Bud Gibson, professor and director of the EMU Center for Digital Engagement and the Digital Summer Clinic said in a statement. “Many of our mentors have worked their way through school, wondered how to get into professional roles, and eventually found the way forward. They are all problem solvers who are dedicated to helping trainees succeed.”

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According to a statement, 75% of Digital Summer Clinic interns land tech jobs in Southeast Michigan, including at companies like Google, General Motors and iProspect.

“The internship developed my skills and helped me network. A necessary skill that tends to get overlooked is effective communication,” Nicholas Woods, a former program intern for Google, said in a statement. “Throughout of the internship, effective communication is something you will practice every day. Some days you are giving a presentation in front of your class, other days you are discussing digital marketing strategy with the CEO of the company you are with. Having this ability to pivot and be exposed to so many professionals helps anyone in their career, regardless of field.

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