By Georgene Brazer, local columnist.

Pleasure at work puts perfection in work Aristotle Yossi Binyamin, a true leader, is the General Manager of the Caesarstone Technologies, USA site, located in the Belfast Commerce Park in Richmond Hill.

Caesarstone invented and launched quartz countertops in Israel with two manufacturing sites there and a factory in Richmond Hill. Yossi believes in collaboration, accountability and continuous improvement to achieve excellence. He is a man who influences by his vision, his generosity and his honest and extroverted nature. He’s a man who calls Richmond Hill home. Anna Chafin, CEO of the Bryan County Development Authority, took time out of her busy schedule to tell me about him.

“It was a pleasure to work with Yossi. I respect his desire to integrate Caesarstone into the community. I am grateful for the company’s continued investment in Richmond Hill/Bryan County. Anna noted that between donating products to Bryan County schools and her team members picking up trash for Earth Day, Caesarstone is an engaged member of our existing industry base. Anna said: “Yossi is a great partner and I sincerely appreciate his willingness to help us at the Development Authority attract other industries to Belfast Commerce Park in Richmond Hill.

Dr. Brooksher, Bryan County Superintendent of Schools, told me about the excellent and generous partnership with schools that has been provided by the company under Yossi’s leadership and the professionalism of Yossi that distinguishes both as a volunteer and a generous donor.

“Yossi and Caesarstone are ‘above and beyond,'” Brooksher said, noting that the company delivered quartz products, slabs, for countertops, as an incredible and generous gift to new schools as well as products for the renovation and updating of the old.

“They came to the table and stayed,” Brooksher added.

How lucky we are to have received all of our counters, a product invented and developed by Caesarstone.

Caesarstone designs for people, puts people first, “sets their dream in stone”. It became clear to me pretty quickly during a conversation with Yossi that products and practices are people-driven. The product is made with the environment in mind, to participate in a thriving ecosystem and towards people, creating a better future for employees through principled leadership, growth opportunities and teaching organizational success to all levels.

Yossi moved to Richmond Hill and personally participates in the city. Sitting on the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce is part of his commitment to the City.

Tommy Brewer started at Caesarstone as a shift manager, became shift manager, then line manager and now department manager. Opportunity came with growth after only 6 years. Recognized talent. Succeed at work, succeed in raising awareness in your community. Tommy is known to many in Richmond Hill for the wonderful Christmas light show he puts up at his Boyd Street home to please neighbors and visitors to Richmond Hill over the holidays. He is a man who cares about people, community and civic activities. He likes to work close to home in a field he knows well.

He is thrilled with his role at Caesarstone and its “one culture for people, family, team” philosophy. “I have a great job at a great company and I live where I grew up. The company, the work environment, the people, perfect. Six years in the company, perfect.

Daniel Benshitrit is the production manager. Yossi recognized his talent and brought him from Israel. Daniel learned English through music. He downloaded the lyrics, listened, played and learned. His English is excellent, as is his guitar and harmonica playing! He likes the States, likes it in Richmond Hill where he has a house. “It’s a different atmosphere, calmer here, different frequencies here and in Israel.” Daniel left Israel in October 2021.

As a leader, Yossi encourages strategic thinking, innovation and action.

Every time we speak, I am very aware of his genuine interest in Caesarstone and the business in which it operates.

By interviewing the employees, the “team” members, the people working at the factory who come from all over the world like Israel, India, Europe, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, it is clear that they feed on his enthusiasm for what they do, for growth within the company and personally. It is a recruited team with varied skills and backgrounds. His attitude is positive and translates into positivity within Caesarstone.

Thank you for the opportunities you create in business and for you and the company to be part of our community.

It is clear that for you it is never a question of the role but of the objective. As a leader, you have learned to share your successes and pass on your skills.

Thank you for allowing me to show our readers, our neighbors, how you have undertaken to make a difference.

Georgene Brazer is president of the Richmond Hill Downtown Development Authority. She writes regularly about the people who make her city better. You can reach her at [email protected]