CPU: A non-denominational Christian organization, their goals are to empower students and encourage participants to broadcast and share positivity. College life can be stressful and tedious, CRU East here to help ease and soothe the minds of students through the Word Community. CRU meetings are held at GSUB 217, Mondays at 4 p.m. Instagram: @njcucru

Dance club: Whether you are a skilled dancer, want to be, or just love to dance no matter what, this is the club for you and your rhythmic spirits, come dance your stress away. Instagram: @Danceclub_njcu

Drea(ME)rs: A SupportI am and empowering space for undocumented, immigrant and refugee students to provide the knowledge and confidence to navigate society without feeling disadvantaged. Their objectives are:1) Educationng on societal and legal inequalities, (2) educational, legal and other financial resources, (3) Guide students to opportunities and to become citizens. Follow Instagram @njcudreamers

Environment Club: If you care about the planet, are an activist, want to spread a greener environment, this club is for you. The Environmental Club will also help students write effective resumes while learning how to initiate good change. Their Three the main objectives are andeducation, aadvocacy, and vvolunteering. Instagram: @njcu.enviroclubE-mail: [email protected]

movie club: Are you interested in theatre, writing or filmmaking? This new club is for students of all majors who want to make films. Whether you have experience or not, the goal of the club is to ensure that everyone learns how to make good films as a group. Email the President with any questions at [email protected] Instagram @njcufilmclub

Gothic buckles VSlubricate: This club seeks to teach people with curly hair to embrace their natural selves. Gothic Curls provides tips, styling techniques, workshops, freebies and resources regarding hair care maintenance and safety. Instagram: @njcugothiccurls