Cegedim and gMalakoff Group HumanisGroupe VYV and PRO BTP are in exclusive talks As it concerns the participation in Cegedim Health

Boulogne-Billancourt, France, March 1st2022 after market

The Cegedim Group and the Malakoff Humanis, Groupe VYV and PRO BTP mutuals are in talks with a view to acquiring a stake in Cegedim Santé, the Group’s subsidiary specializing in digital solutions for healthcare professionals and patients. As part of this transaction, Cegedim Santé will simultaneously acquire MesDocteurs, a subsidiary of Groupe VYV specializing in telehealth.

Cegedim Santé is present at all stages of the value chain, in particular through the Maiia suite: appointment booking, practice management software, teleconsultations, drug databases, e-prescription software, invoicing software , secure messaging with colleagues and patients, etc.

Malakoff Humanis, VYV and PRO BTP share Cegedim Santé’s objectives of improving patient access to care and making the patient care pathway as smooth as possible. They want to help Cegedim Santé accelerate the development of software and services for healthcare professionals and their patients. By stepping up their equity stake, these three mutual groups are confirming Cegedim Santé’s capacity for innovation and the quality of its teams and products. This operation, including the acquisition of MesDocteurs by Cegedim Santé, is part of the digital transformation of the French health sector initiated by the State and supported by these three mutuals.

At the end of the negotiations, the operation will be sealed by the signing of an investment agreement and a strategic and industrial partnership between Cegedim, Malakoff Humanis, Groupe VYV and PRO BTP. The operation will be finalized after consulting the staff representatives.

“We are delighted to see the interest shown by high profile healthcare players like Malakoff Humanis, Groupe VYV and PRO BTP. By joining us, these groups, which represent 25 million beneficiaries in France, will strengthen Cegedim Health’s position of recognized French leader in IT for liberal doctors with 100,000 professional healthcare users. This agreement indicates Cegedim Health’s desire to innovate and develop solutions for healthcare professionals and patients in France”, declared Jean Claude Labrun, Cegedim Chairman and CEO.

“This agreement is the logical next step for Malakoff Humanis given the investments we have made in digital in recent years. This demonstrates that we are keen to invest in technology that always offers more value to our beneficiaries, enriches our offer of prevention services and improves the management of patient care. The technology is accelerate the transformation of our healthcare system and take a stake in Cegedim Health is part of the shift initiated by the government, in particular with the creation of ‘Mon Space health’“, noted Thomas Saunier, CEO of Malakoff Humanis.

“Groupe VYV is already present in e-health, but we want to go further. Participation in Cegedim Health is a great opportunity for the group to strengthen its offers of ongoing services for support and prevention, Noted Delphine Maisonneuve, CEO of Groupe VYV.

CEO of PRO BTP herve Naerhuysen commented, “This fairness investment is part of PRO BTP’s permanent approach to broadening access to care for beneficiaries and developing new services in partnership with health professionals. By investing in new technologies, PRO BTP strives to make patient care as smooth and pleasant as possible for its policyholders. One of the keys to achieving this is to simplify access to effective preventive care through digital technologies and thus capitalize on the systems of the e-health space.

The operation will involve a reserved capital increase of 65 million euros, giving Cegedim Santé a post-operation valuation of 360.9 million euros. Cegedim will continue the overall integration of Cegedim Santé.

The Cegedim Group is advised in these negotiations by the investment bank Ohana & Co. and the law firm Goodwin.

Malakoff Humanis, Groupe VYV and PRO BTP are advised by Rothschild & Co, PwC Corporate Finance, PwC Transactions Services and the law firm Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier.

About Cegedim:
Founded in 1969, Cegedim is an innovative technology and services company in the field of digital flow management for healthcare ecosystems and B2B, and a business software publisher for healthcare and insurance professionals. Cegedim employs more than 5,600 people in more than 10 countries and achieved a turnover of 525 million euros in 2021.
Cegedim SA is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: CGM).
For more information, visit: www.cegedim.fr
And follow Cegedim on Twitter @CegedimGroup, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Cegedim Health:

A subsidiary of Cegedim dedicated to serving healthcare professionals and patients in France, Cegedim Santé manages all of the Cegedim Group’s interoperable healthcare solutions, which have earned the trust of 100,000 healthcare professionals. Cegedim Santé’s 1,300 dedicated employees are present throughout France. The company strives to help professionals focus on caring for their patients, improving access to care and making the care journey as smooth as possible. Cegedim Santé brings together three historical Group subsidiaries: CLM, RM Ingénierie and Maiia. By pooling their technologies, products & services, and know-how, they are able to design software solutions and services that cover 100% of the needs of each healthcare professional and patient in France.
www.cegedim-sante.com / @CegedimSanté

Groupe VYV, a company for better living:
Groupe VYV is the leading French health and social protection mutual group. The group’s three divisions, Insurance, Care & Assistance and Housing, develop complete and personalized offers to protect and take care of everyone throughout their lives. Groupe VYV works every day to be useful to everyone: it has 11 million beneficiaries and serves 69,000 corporate health and provident insurance clients, more than 26,000 local authorities and 11 ministries and administrations. In 2020, consolidated revenue amounted to 9.7 billion euros (excluding revenue from the Housing division). Insurance represents 7.7 billion euros, including 5.6 billion euros in health insurance premiums and 1.4 billion euros in provident insurance premiums.

About Malakoff Humanis:
A major player in social protection, Malakoff Humanis was born from the merger in January 2019 of Malakoff Médéric and Humanis. With nearly 7 billion euros in equity, more than 400,000 corporate clients and 10 million beneficiaries (policyholders and their dependents), Malakoff Humanis holds 15% of the collective insurance market.
As part of its mission to manage the Agirc-Arrco supplementary pension scheme, the Group pays €38.3 billion in benefits to 6 million beneficiaries and collects contributions from 600,000 companies and 6 million contributors.
Malakoff Humanis is a non-profit mutual company dedicated to improving social protection and spends 160 million euros a year to help vulnerable people in our society.

About PRO BTP:
PRO BTP is the first professional group of social protection services for companies, craftsmen, employees, apprentices and retirees in the building and construction industry covering health, provident insurance, insurance, savings, retirement and holidays.
Created to manage supplementary social protection schemes for building trades, PRO BTP is run by representatives of employers and employees in the sector. Today, the Group is the 8th largest health and provident insurer in France, with 5,240 employees and nearly 3 million beneficiaries.
PRO BTP is based on people and not on capital and does not distribute any profit to any shareholder. Profits are used for the benefit of its members, in particular to improve guarantees and solidarity mechanisms.
A socially responsible, committed and responsible company, the Group finances large-scale societal actions and invests in energy transition and technological innovation through projects related to prevention, health, construction and insurance.
The purpose of the Group is to protect and serve the building and construction family by anticipating its future needs.
Find the latest news on PRO BTP on www.probtp.com

About MyDoctors:
Created in 2015, MesDocteurs is a subsidiary of Groupe VYV and a major player in telehealth in France. It is committed to improving the French health system and guaranteeing access to care for all. Its innovative and secure platform offers online appointment booking, teleconsultation, remote assistance and remote access to medical advice and expertise. Its global approach to patient care allows it to work in close collaboration with all players in the health system: patients, health establishments and professionals, mutual insurance companies, the pharmaceutical industry, Regional Health Authorities, etc. Its objective is to enable everyone to fully play their role and work together to ensure better health for all. MesDocteurs does this by helping all players in the sector to implement solutions that simplify patient care and medical practice.
For more information, visit MesDocteurs.com and @mesdocteurs


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