A consultation on transforming a specialist boarding school into a coeducational center that can accommodate more pupils will enter a second phase if approved by senior members of North Yorkshire County Council.

We are looking to expand admission at Brompton Hall School, near Scarborough, so that it can provide more places for students with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs and offer places for girls.

The school currently offers educational and residential places four nights a week for boys ages 8-16 with SEMH needs.

In February and March this year, the county council held a public consultation, asking people’s views on whether the school should offer daytime education only and increase the number of places on offer.

There were 34 responses to the board-led survey, with the majority of responses coming from school-related stakeholders and 30% from parents/guardians of young people with SEND.

A total of 65% of respondents agreed with the proposal to admit girls to school in the future. There is currently no specialist supply for girls with SEMH in the East County and the overall demand for specialist social, emotional and mental health schools in this part of North Yorkshire continually exceeds supply.

The survey also asked whether residential placements should be phased out. Only 24% of respondents agreed. Although a large proportion of respondents do not agree with the removal of residential supply, demand for residential places is decreasing year on year – from 38 to 29 in the last three years, with further reductions significant observed this year. This lack of demand for residential spaces is likely to pose a sustainability problem for the residential placements offered in the near future. It is also likely to limit opportunities to increase school places and provide services for girls with SEMH needs.

As a result, County Council will now consult on increasing places at Brompton Hall School and the admission of girls, which would involve ending residential provision by September 2024.

If the executive approves the proposed next phase of public consultation at its June 21 meeting, the consultation will begin the following day, June 22 and end on September 8, allowing additional time to accommodate school vacations. summer.

Jane le Sage, Deputy Director for Inclusion, said: “We have now gone through all the feedback from the initial consultation.

“The feedback we received demonstrated broad support for the proposal to increase the number of places at Brompton Hall School for children and young people with social, emotional and mental health needs and to admit girls . There is a pressing need to see more services for young people with these needs in North Yorkshire, particularly for girls, and demand is growing.

“However, to do this we need to free up physical space and resources at the school to accommodate more teaching and learning space. We also need to ensure that the school remains financially viable. Accordingly, we will consult on a proposal to end residential supply by September 2024.

“We will work closely with the families of students who are already attending school. The vast majority of students attending school at the start of this review will transition into school naturally, unaffected by the proposed changes. We will closely support all students to ensure that their assessed needs continue to be met.

If a second consultation is approved by our executive, details on how to participate in the next public consultation will be released shortly after the executive meeting.

A final decision on the school would likely be requested on November 8 this year.