TO HELP meet the mental health and psychosocial needs of individuals during the pandemic, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7 has launched the “WiSupport Project” which will provide mental health care services using technological platforms.

Individuals and their family members can send a request for a free consultation through various channels, such as:

• send an email to [email protected]

• by visiting the website

• access a mobile application called WiSupport (available on Google Play Store)

• using WiServ SMS at 0918-912-2813

According to DSWD 7, these wireless and online tools are used by WiSupport service providers every day from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except holidays.

In a statement, DSWD 7 said the recently launched program aims to provide assistance to Filipino workers repatriating overseas, employees affected by flexible working arrangements or temporary closures, heads of households in need of support. and other people and families in distress.

“There are many types of mental health care providers who diagnose and treat mental illness. But DSWD, as a social welfare agency, offers free help to all members of the community by determining what kind of intervention an individual or family might need by providing referral pathways, ”he said. said Antonio Dolaota, DSWD 7 deputy regional director for administration.

Clients requiring additional psychosocial and mental health assistance will be referred to the DSWD 7 service network provided by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, the Philippine Red Cross, Philippine Association for Mental Health Cebu Cluster and United Registered Social Cluster of Visayan Workers.

Immediate interventions are planned based on clients’ needs and current situation, DSWD 7 said.

Central Visayas is one of the pilot regions implementing the WiSupport project, with the exception of the National Capital Region and Caraga. (CNRC, RP)