With the help of their ARMY, BTS are known for their record breaking achievements, including on Billboardits own graphics.

The guys are regulars at the Guinness Book of World Records, including Member V’s recent double success as the fastest to reach both 1 million and 10 million followers on Instagram when he launched his account. individual on December 6.

Below, find the full list of BTS Guinness World Record achievements.

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First K-pop group to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200

BTS released their third studio album, Love yourself: tear, May 18, 2018. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in the week ending May 24 and appearing on the June 2 list. With the release of Love yourself: tear, the group recorded the highest sales ever for a K-pop group, the album becoming the first foreign-language release since 2006 to top the charts and the first world music album to reach No. Billboard 200 spot.

First K-pop group to dominate the Billboard Artist 100 charts

Following the release of Love yourself: tear, BTS soared to the top of the Artist 100 – a feat that would later leave an idea of ​​the group’s size in the United States.

First K-pop group to win a top 10 Billboard Hot 100 singles

“Fake Love” was released as the lead single by Love yourself: tear, and the track debuted at No.10 on the Billboard Hot 100 on June 2, 2018 (the highest placement for a K-pop artist since Psy’s “Gangnam Style”, which debuted at No.12), making them the first K-pop group to reach the top 10 in the charts. Their highest entry before “Fake Love” was on December 16, 2017, with when “MIC Drop,” starring Desiigner, debuted on the Hot 100 at No.28.

Most weeks at # 1 for Billboard‘s Social 50 graphic

BTS became the first act in Social 50’s nearly decade-long history to lead to No. 1 for 200 weeks. The K-pop group first entered the top of the charts on July 29, 2017, and are yet to leave.

Most weeks for a K-pop group on the Billboard Hot 100

BTS broke another record previously held by Psy’s “Gangnam Style” with the release of their single “Dynamite” in 2020. The track spent a total of 32 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart until April 2021 and passed three weeks in the first place.

Most weeks at # 1 on BillboardThe ranking of digital singles from

“Butter” recently spent 18 weeks in n ° 1 position on the Digital Singles charts, tying their own single “Dynamite” for most weeks on the charts. As of December 13, 2021, BTS now has the most cumulative number of weeks at # on the chart, beat Taylor Swift.

Most streamed act on Spotify (group)

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, BTS is currently the most streamed band on Spotify of all time with over 16.3 billion streams, a track previously held by their “My Universe” collaborators, Coldplay (16.1 billion streams).

Most streamed track on Spotify in 24 hours

Shortly after the release of “Butter,” BTS ‘ARMY streamed the song to Spotify 20.9 million times on May 23 during its first 24 hours of airing on the app. Although this record appears in the Guinness Book of World Records 2022 (published September 14, 2021), Adele recently landed the BTS title when she let go. 30 lead single, “Easy on Me,” on October 15, beating them with 24 million streams in the first 24 hours of its release.

Most Twitter engagements (retweets) for any account and most Twitter engagements for a group

Considering BTS ARMY’s dedication to social media, it’s no surprise that the group won the Guinness World Record title for the most Twitter engagements for an account and most engagements for a group – in 2019, the group had an average of 422,228 retweets on the social media app.

Fastest at 1 million subscribers on TikTok

BTS joined TikTok on September 25, 2019 to promote their single “Boy With Luv” with Halsey, and quickly broke the app’s record for having the fastest time to reach 1 million followers. The group got the benchmark number in just three hours and 31 minutes live.

Most Viewers For Music Video Premiere On YouTube

“Butter” broke several records on YouTube – before the video premiered, 3.9 million users were waiting to watch it, a figure that also earned the band the title for the video. most viewers for the premiere of any video on the website.

Most viewed YouTube music video in 24 hours by a K-pop group

The music video for “Butter” would gain 108,200,000 views within 24 hours of its release. The group previously held the title in August 2020 with the official video for “Dynamite”. With this figure, “Beurre” would also become the most watched YouTube music video in 24 hours.

Most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours

BTS got the title on August 22, 2020, with the release of their music video for “Dynamite,” which has amassed 101,100,000 views.

Most viewers for live music concert on tailor-made platform

As live concerts became a staple in 2020 due to the pandemic, BTS made the virtual concert Bang Bang Con: The Live, with 756,000 fans in 107 countries who have logged in to watch the show. With this concert, BTS also got the Guinness World Record title for the most tickets sold for a concert broadcast live (current year).

Most “daesang” (“grand prix”) awards won at Mnet Asian Music Awards

In 2020, BTS won a total of 13 Daesang (South Korea) awards at the Mnet Asian Music Awards between 2016 and 2020.

Most Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards won by a music group

At the 34th annual Kids ‘Choice Awards on March 13, BTS tied Fifth Harmony with a total of five Kids’ Choice Awards. BTS won their first Kids’ Choice Award in 2018 for Favorite World Music Star and added wins for their Favorite Music Group in 2020 and 2021. BTS also won Favorite World Music Star a second time and his favorite song.

Best-selling album in South Korea

According to Guinness World Records, BTS sold around 4,440,800 units of their album. Soul Card: 7, which earned the K-pop group the record title for the best-selling album in their home country in March 2021.

The highest payouts for a K-pop group

Forbes estimated that BTS made $ 50 million in 2020, a figure that was significantly increased by its $ 170 million in reported touring income. The estimate places the group 47th on the magazine’s list of highest-paying celebrities for the year.

Most followed group on Instagram

In April 2021, BTS secured the title of most subscribers for a group on Instagram – at the time, the group had 40,220,226 followers, which rose to over 57 million in December 2021.

Bonus: fastest to reach 1 and 10 million followers on Instagram (V)

All seven of BTS made their solo debuts on Instagram accounts on December 6, but V amassed the most followers in the shortest amount of time. Guinness World Records announced that it took just 43 minutes to reach 1 million followers on the platform, the figure rising to 10 million in just four hours and 52 minutes.