Rab claimed to have arrested a man who had embezzled over Tk 200 crore from different businessmen, offering them partnerships in his “stock companies”.

Defendant Ziauddin alias Zaman (55) is the chairman or chief executive of at least 12 of these business institutions, Khandaker Al Moin, director of Rab’s legal and media wing, told a conference in press yesterday.

A Rab team arrested Ziauddin in Dhaka’s Uttara on Monday, after several victims filed complaints, he said, adding that the person arrested was charged in at least 18 cases.

Rab seized 37 checkbooks, 6 bottles of foreign alcohol, counterfeit US dollars worth $6,000 and other counterfeit currency worth 99,000 taka during searches of his home and his offices.

Ziauddin began his fraudulent activities when he traveled to Australia for study purposes in 2004. Along with some foreigners, he started a business importing vegetables and fish from Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The person arrested at one point laundered Tk 9 crore from the business in Hong Kong and fled to China via Hong Kong later, Moin said.

He moved to Oman in 2014 and leased 700 acres of land from the government to re-green the deserted area.

Additionally, he rented an office in a corner of a 20-story building in China but told people that the whole building housed his ceramics factory.

It has supplied tiles to Bangladesh under different brands. Later, he announced the establishment of a ceramic factory “Hi-tech Ceramic Industries” in Bangladesh, saying that it would create huge profits.

Moin said that Ziauddin shared his business plan with different people and convinced them to invest, thereby securing big profits. He took them to Oman and China to show his “green project” and business establishments.

The arrested person told his clients that senior Oman government officials were his business partners and offered them partnerships in his businesses, the Rab official said.

Ziauddin, during direct examination, told Rab that he defrauded about Tk 200 crore from more than 50 people in this process and took out bank loans worth Tk 270 crore, Moin said.

He bought about 130 bigha of land in different districts of Bangladesh in his name, raising money from investors.

Later, he mortgaged the land to different banks to contract the loans.

Rab’s official said he discovered that Ziauddin had laundered about 60 crore of Tk overseas, mostly in China, UAE and Oman.