About 35 million Americans move each year. But unlike most of the time – when owners change addresses widely in the same city or county – 2020 has seen a big increase in relocations to 50-500 miles.

“The pandemic has opened the eyes of many people to the fact that they can work effectively remotely. So homeowners are moving away from expensive or cold regions for warmer and more affordable regions, like our community in Georgia where the cost of living and the weather are more attractive, ”says Raoul Rushin, real estate developer and president of The Landings Co .., a planned community located 10 miles outside of downtown Savannah.

However, as exciting as it can be to relocate to a dream region, heading to a new city is one of the most stressful events in life. Use these tips to allay your worries.

Loans, loans … research

The best way to overcome the stress of the unknown is to research.

Learn more about the areas you are considering online. Find local publications with reviews of communities and suburbs. Collect data on average temperatures, extreme weather trends, and proximity to key items, such as water, work, or transportation.

These factors will help you focus on a few key areas.

Then social media can help you understand people better. Join neighborhood or city Facebook groups. Post questions. It’s also a great forum for getting recommendations for a real estate agent.

Finally, meet in person to make sure you choose the location that’s right for you.

“Once you’ve refined your search, it’s important to experience the community,” says Rushin. “At The Landings, we offer discovery tours to allow potential owners to fully immerse themselves during a three to four day stay in one of the houses in the neighborhood.”

Health concerns

Moving also means changing your health care plan and, very often, your insurer. Ask your current doctors for recommendations in your new area. Look for local hospitals or specialists.

Depending on your healthcare needs, this could be a key consideration. Ensuring that your physical health is covered is essential for reducing stress and maintaining good mental health.

Location, location, location

Think long term.

“Many homeowners choose to relocate based on their preferred vacation spot,” says Rushin. “However, the secluded and relaxing atmosphere of your getaway may not be ideal for your eternal home.

“Proximity and easy access to shopping, entertainment, schools and professional services should be key considerations. “

Luxury lifestyle

Once you’ve entered the city, don’t just shop at home. Instead, find the right community that fits your lifestyle.

Are you a golfer, biker, nature enthusiast? Think about the things that give you the most fun, and look for neighborhoods or communities that offer those activities.


One of the hardest parts of moving is leaving your support network of friends and family. Look for social clubs or other activities that you can get involved in to meet other people with similar interests.

“At The Landings, over 50% of our buyers are from out of state, so we help facilitate friendships through our New Neighbors group,” said Rushin. The unique social group invites members to participate in a variety of activities and events during the first two years after their move to make new friends, as well as to learn about the rich history of the area and the community.”

For more information on The Landings, visit www.thelandings.com.