Ramin Mazaheri

TV press, Paris

For the first time since the presidential election, Yellow Vests marched across the country, expressing their disbelief that Emmanuel Macron had been re-elected despite his unprecedented crackdown on the group.

They were greeted by a huge police presence, armed to the teeth. The government continues to intimidate not only yellow vests, but also ordinary people into not joining the protests.

Intimidating deterrence is also used to prevent journalists from covering the group: during the Yellow Vests demonstration the day before the first round of voting, a journalist from a major French media outlet was fined for allegedly “illegally demonstrating », while he was only reporting on the Yellow Vests.

Thousands of dedicated yellow vests will continue to turn out every Saturday in Paris alone, and they say more will put their yellow vests back on when they see Macron’s plans for his second term.

Nobody expected the yellow vests to stop working – now we’ll see if they can last for the next five years.

The global May Day protests will see establishment forces such as unions and political parties marching in large numbers across the country in support of workers’ rights and also to express their major dissatisfaction with the election. presidential.