New “Sort It Sonoma!” Video series featuring the Earthlings Club at the Sonoma Ecology Center promotes proper waste sorting

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Are you confused as to what should and shouldn’t go in the recycling (blue), organics (green) and garbage (gray / black) carts? The City of Sonoma and the Earthlings Club at the Sonoma Ecology Center are here to help! The city and the Terrans have teamed up to create a series of “how-to” public service announcements and informative videos to help the Sonomans answer this question.

The Terrans – a youth-led group of Sonoma residents dedicated to driving environmental change through education, hands-on activities and community building – created four informative videos on proper sorting of materials. organics, recycling, what not to put in the recycling bin, and some information on the City’s new ban on disposable catering items. These videos can be viewed on the City’s website and on the YouTube channel.

The City thanks the following Terrans who wrote and acted in the videos (in alphabetical order):

• Isobel Apgar
• Phoebe Richards
• Madeline Sickert
• Caroline Studdert
• Andy (Zi Di) Xu
• Frankie Yorka School
• Nico York

Thanks also to the relatives and friends of the following Earthlings who contributed to the production of the videos (in alphabetical order):

• Paloma Apgar, mother
• Cindy Lindh, project coordinator
• John Lindh, videographer
• Julia Megna, SEC education project manager, Earthlings Club advisor
• Edwin Richards, parent, director
• Catherine Thorpe, parent, project coordinator
• Tina (DongFang) Tian, ​​mother
• Simone York, mother

For more information on sustainability and climate action in the city of Sonoma, please visit

To learn more about the Earthlings Club at the Sonoma Ecology Center, please visit

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GOP pressure to block construction of bipartisan infrastructure bill in House

Dynamics in the House are very different from that in the Senate last month when 19 Republicans – including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – voted to pass a law that allows reconstruction of American roads and bridges, strengthens the network broadly. band across the country and gives Republicans and Democrats a rare opportunity to mark a bipartisan achievement in the election campaign next fall.

For House Republicans, voting “yes” on the bipartisan bill later this month could be far more of a handicap. Former President Donald Trump, who still wields unparalleled influence over the conference, urged members to vote against. Members of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus have threatened to campaign against GOP colleagues who vote “yes”, and outside conservative groups like the Club For Growth have already alerted members they are calling for a “no” vote .

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia – who has previously threatened to campaign against her “weak” Republican colleagues who support the $ 1.2 trillion package – said GOP lawmakers should be “ashamed and never again. vote ”if they support the plan.

Texas Representative Chip Roy said he agreed, calling it “absurd” that 19 Senate Republicans backed the bill.

Even the top Republican, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, has made it clear that he is opposed to the bipartisan bill in its current form, potentially anticipating an effort by leaders to sink the government. law Project.

“As I read Bill now, I couldn’t support it,” McCarthy recently said in an interview with Fox Business Network. “I have great frustration with this bill.”

The Republican Study Committee, the largest Tory caucus in the House, began circulating a memo last month against the compromise bill.

Members and aides say it’s too early to know exactly how many Republican members might vote to advance the legislation or how much combat leadership will put in place to defeat it, but aides are predicting the number of GOP votes at stake would only be a few dozen. Unlike in the Senate where the bipartisan bill received a stand-alone vote weeks before a larger, Democrat-only proposal was ready, in the House, the bipartisan bill is expected to arrive around the same time that the Democrats are preparing to vote on legislation that will expand federal health care programs, raise taxes and reinvent the social safety net.
In order to satisfy her caucus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a commitment from the start not to move the bipartisan infrastructure bill until the House has completed its more important proposal, which, according to Republicans, allowed them to argue that the two bills, which are separate proposals, are inextricably linked.
With only a three-vote margin, Pelosi had to be cautious in securing both moderate and progressive votes on both packages and promised moderates that she would introduce the bipartisan bill by September 27 at the latest, but Republicans don’t wait until then to begin their effort to message the bill.
For months, the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, Representative Kevin Brady of Texas, has directly engaged members on how Democrats are using their reconciliation bill as an opportunity to repeal the GOP tax cuts that were their signature under Trump. The Republicans on the committee managed a “war room” and worked to directly educate members on the only Democratic bill that would raise taxes for some Americans.

“If they continue to be linked and they continue to be pushed as a whole, it is quite difficult for Republicans infrastructure professionals like me to vote for this,” said Representative Rodney Davis of Illinois , one of the top Republicans on the House Transport Committee. and a member of the whip team, told CNN.

Republicans say much of the outcome of the bipartisan bill depends on when and when Pelosi addresses the two elements of the infrastructure program.

“The biggest concern for most Republicans I’ve spoken to is the fact that the $ 3.5 trillion package is still hanging out there as a bad guy,” Rep. Dusty Johnson, a South Dakota Republican who serves as a whip for bipartisan problem-solvers. Caucus, told CNN. “The fact that we can get a 3.5 trillion dollar package adopted at some point before or shortly after the passage of a trillion dollar infrastructure package, I mean it complicates the way. to follow. there is no doubt. “

Democrats hope the political benefits of the “yes” vote on the bipartisan infrastructure package will be too tempting for leading Republicans to pass up. A Fox News poll in August, for example, found that 62% of the public supported the $ 1.2 trillion package.
House Democrats brace for showdown amid divisions over infrastructure strategy

For Conservative MPs in safe red seats, a vote against the bipartisan infrastructure bill may be easier, but for MPs in tough re-elections, new investments in roads and bridges offer an easy and tangible sense of proving to their constituents that they are keeping their promises. district. Democrats are also hoping that the recent natural disasters that have wreaked havoc across the country will renew the sense of urgency to invest in the country’s aging infrastructure.

But there is no indication that Republicans have changed their minds in recent days. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, whose home state of Louisiana was ravaged by Hurricane Ida, is still expected to oppose the measure.

“I am against the $ 5,000 billion far-left tax hike and the Green New Deal agenda masquerading as an infrastructure bill,” Scalise told CNN in a statement.

And fellow Louisiana Republican Garret Graves told a committee meeting last week that it was “ridiculous” to spend trillions of dollars on the reconciliation plan and said the committee’s priorities were completely out of step with what was needed in terms of how the federal response can be strengthened to respond to natural disasters.

While many moderate Republicans may support the core content of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, they also feel comfortable opposing the measure if it is seen as paving the way for a massive spending program. Democrats on social programs and climate change.

It’s unclear if and how many GOP votes Democrats would need to pass their bipartisan legislation. If Democrats stay united, they won’t need it. But many progressives have yet to publicly commit to voting for the bipartisan bill. With that three-vote margin, Pelosi might need a handful of Republican votes to get legislation across the finish line.

The GOP leadership has still not decided whether to formally oppose the plan, but the Freedom Caucus is publicly pressuring McCarthy to do so, arguing that they shouldn’t be the ones bailing out Pelosi. While flogging against the bill would certainly appease McCarthy’s right flank – and increase pressure on Democrats to vote for themselves – it could also alienate moderate Republicans in major swing districts who are considering supporting the measure. .

For the crypto world, the bipartisan infrastructure package brings a 'political awakening'

Some of them already felt burnt out earlier this year when McCarthy delegated one of his allies, GOP Representative John Katko from New York, to strike a deal on a commission to investigate the attack. of January 6 against the Capitol. McCarthy said he would let members vote according to their conscience, but then unofficially encouraged members to oppose the bipartisan agreement and ultimately voted against himself.

Even if GOP leaders decide to actively campaign against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, a member of the bipartisan problem-solving committee predicted that there could be as many as 30 House Republicans crossing the lines party to support the bill, noting the large bipartisan vote in the Senate. provides them with some coverage.

Representative Don Bacon, a Republican from Nebraska who represents a district won by Biden, said he would likely vote for the legislation – but only if it is decoupled from the reconciliation package.

“I think the majority of problem-solvers and many in the Main Street Republican caucus (will vote for the bill) if the hard infrastructure bill is not tied to Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialist plan of $ 3.5 trillion, “Bacon told CNN. “They have to be totally separate votes.”

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story distorted Rep. Kevin Brady’s war room purpose. It is intended to pressure Republicans against the Democrats’ $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.

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Georgia hosts Wofford for Seniors’ Night on Sunday

Georgia (4-1-0) vs. Wofford (2-3-0)
Dated: Sunday September 5th
Time: 6 p.m. EDT
Site: Athens, Georgia.
To place: Turner Soccer Complex (1,682)

Direct: SEC + Network (Jeff Dantzler, PxP)
Live Statistics:
Twitter: @UGASoccer

Social media: For full information on Georgia football, follow the team on their social media via @UGASoccer on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

History of the series

Sunday’s game is only Georgia’s second all-time encounter with Wofford. In the previous meeting, the Bulldogs beat the Terriers, 6-1, on September 10, 2004, in Athens.

Declaration of victory for Dawgs

Georgia claimed their biggest win in recent program history with a 3-1 victory over No.15 Clemson on Thursday night. The victory was the first against the Tigers since 2009 and the first against a ranked opponent since 2015.

Belisle is the best

With her third two-goal game of the season, the graduate striker Mollie Belisle tied for first nationally at 7, tying it with Zsani Kajan of St. John’s. Belisle has already set a new career record for one-season scores and now ranks 10th in school history with 18 goals. She also ranks second nationally for points with 14.

Senior Evening

Ahead of tonight’s game, the eight senior members (Abby boyan, Kristen edmond, Weldon Kolker, Dani Murguia, Hale Otto, Bella ponzi, Cecily Stoute, Emory wegener) of the Georgia football team will be recognized with their families at a ceremony on the pitch.

Put numbers

In five matches, the Georgian attack occupies the first place in the country with 22 goals, surpassing the 18 scored last season. The 22 goals score the most goals in program history across five games, surpassing the 20 scored in 2000. With 4.4 goals per game, the killer offense ranks third nationally and first in the SEC.

Murguia makes noise

Senior midfielder Dani Murguia scored four goals and 13 points, setting new career records in just five games. Murguia and senior colleague Abby boyan fourth in the country in assists with five apiece. The Cleburne, Texas native is also ranked fifth nationally in points.

Lewin lights up

first year striker Danielle Lewin has established itself as one of the best news in the country. With five goals, she is tied for sixth in the country and tied for first among freshmen in scores. She also leads the team in shots and penalties, ranking first in the SEC in SOG per game (2.6).

Sharing is loving

In five games, Georgia rank third nationally in total assists with 21. Seniors Abby boyan and Dani Murguia ranks second in the league in assists with five, while also ranking fourth nationally. In total, nine different Bulldogs notched at least one assist in the first part of the season.

Coherence course

Thanks to a quartet of Bulldogs, Georgia’s starting lineup has remained remarkably consistent. Graduated Defender Kayla bruster started in 65 consecutive appearances, while the seniors Abby boyan (57), Bella ponzi (55), and Cecily Stoute (55) also continued their own sequences. With her debut against Georgia State, senior goaltender Emory wegener joined the “Club of 50”.


Admission to the Turner Soccer Complex is free. A selection of concessionary items will be available at great prices, with giant hot dogs, 20 oz. bottled sodas and 22 oz. fountain Coca-Cola ™ soft drinks sell for $ 2.50, while 20 oz. Boxes of Dasani®, candy and bottled popcorn cost $ 2. All concession items and merchandise at Turner Soccer Complex are cashless and contactless – MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover are all accepted.

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Several people shot dead on Towson University campus – CBS Baltimore

TOWSON, Maryland (WJZ) – Baltimore County Police are investigating a triple shooting at Towson University that left a student and two others injured on Saturday night.

All three victims are adults and are expected to be well after being treated in hospitals in the area.

READ MORE: The westbound bay of the bay bridge is expected to close next week for maintenance

The detectives are now working to find out who pulled the trigger.

Police say it all stems from an unauthorized gathering here on campus.

Videos posted on social media show a large group of people gathered in Liberty Square overnight near the university buildings.

This is an area where students say many hang around throughout the day.

The shoot got a lot of students on edge.

“People are like, ‘Damn, this is the first weekend,’” student Gabriel Donahue said.

Student Kai Maclang agrees: “It’s very shocking. Talking to some people, they are certainly also scared, just as much as I am. You know, it could have been any of us. We could have arrived at the wrong time.

Baltimore County Police said this happened at the center of the Freedom Square campus at 2 a.m., where a large rally took place.

Social media video posted to YouTube of what appeared to be just before gunshots rang out showing hundreds of people crowded into the square.

READ MORE: Johns Hopkins issues statement regarding racist, anti-Asian attack on student

“It wasn’t actually a university sanctioned or approved event,” said Sean Welsh, acting vice president for communications.

Officers said they found a female student and two other victims who are not students injured at the scene.

“We are committed to ensuring the safety of all of our residents, including those in our university communities. This act of violence on one of our college campuses is extremely disturbing, ”Baltimore County Director Johnny Olszewski said in a statement.

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt said: “At the moment we believe this is an isolated incident.”

While police said there was no active threat to the college campus community, students like Maclang said this was not how they imagined themselves starting the new school year.

“A lot of people like to gather here. Like, sometimes I come here with my friends just to hang out, and just to know that something like that would happen, you know, where I’d be just having lunch or dinner or whatever. You know, I could have been one of the students. It’s a little scary, ”Maclang said.

Towson University provides counseling and support services to students, faculty and staff.

Baltimore County Police are conducting this investigation and are asking everyone to avoid the area while they conduct the investigation.

If anyone has any information that could help detectives in the case, they are urged to call the police at 410-307-2020.

NO MORE NEWS: Frances Lilly Dilenno of Elkton critically missing, Maryland State Police say

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How will Twins constitute the pitch staff in 2022?

The Twins only needed to fill two spots in their starting rotation last offseason – and the decisive struggles of free agent acquisitions JA Happ and Matt Shoemaker played no insignificant role in the overall trajectory of the Minnesota’s disappointing 2021 season.

Now Derek Falvey, Thad Levine, Wes Johnson, Pete Maki and the Twins’ coaching staff face an even more difficult task: with no pitchers expected to return from this year’s opening day rotation in Due to Tommy John’s recent operation from Kenta Maeda, the Twins will need to assemble a considerably younger and less experienced starting squad for 2022 if they hope to make this season’s struggles a one-year blow.

Since the July 30 trade deadline, much of the Twins’ season has been spent determining which of the young arms currently on the roster could be viable pieces in Minnesota’s next winning team, with the current rotation cobbled together between the outlook with varying degrees of polish, converted reliever John Gant and veteran journeyman Andrew Albers.

In an added challenge, a few of the top pitching prospects who might have glimpsed this season were injured, further limiting the Twins’ ability to answer this question: is there the basis for a starting rotation? successful opening day 2022 on this list?

“We know this is an area that we will have to spend time and fill, both in the starting rotation and in the bullpen,” said Falvey. “We’ve had this in the past, in terms of needing to fill a number of niches. So it’s never been something we haven’t had to discuss.”

Let’s see where it could start.

Probably in the rotation: Bailey Ober, Joe Ryan
Ober probably doesn’t have the top of the spin, but the 6-foot-9 right-hander turned heads by upping his’ 80s fastball as a minor league to an average of 92.3 mph in the big leagues. through some mechanical tweaks, and he’s taken advantage of a harder slider for a 1.61 ERA in his last four starts and a 3.98 ERA overall as a rookie.

Ober didn’t even take part in the Major League’s spring training, but he took the opportunity to probably carve out a place in the 2022 rotation. The only challenge will be his workload, as he started this season. season with a career-high 78 2/3 innings and a history of arm problems, and he will likely end this season somewhere in the 110 innings lineup.

“We feel good with some of the band members that we have,” Falvey said. “Bailey Ober really came out on top. I think a month ago we couldn’t have said that. I hope in a month we can say more about some of our young guys in this team. . “

Unless Ryan completely explodes in his first look with the Twins in September, he could also be a solid bet to open next season in the rotation, given he was considered primarily Major League-ready when ‘He arrived in the organization in the Nelson Cruz exchange and posted good numbers in minors, including triple A, before being promoted to No.6 prospect in the organization.

Could compete for places: Griffin Jax, Drew Strotman, Randy Dobnak
Neither Jax nor Strotman have huge advantages, but Jax worked to add speed to his fastball and adapt more to a fast slide launcher, which led to flashes of success at the MLB – although inconsistent at the moment. Strotman has not had the best results in minors this season (4.80 ERA, 1.52 WHIP in Triple-A), but continues to recover from Tommy John’s operation in 2018 and is ranked 17th in the ‘organization.

There’s no significant track record to talk about here, and the uncertainty surrounding Jax’s business and Strotman’s recovery keeps them from being in the previous category, but given they’re on the list. Of the 40 men, the two will surely be considered as The Twins sort out their options next spring.

Dobnak has had a tough 2021, but he’s signed for the long haul, and the Twins have seen how his lead can play when he’s on his game, which has led to limited success at the major league level in the past. .

Uncertainty due to injury: Jhoan Duran, Josh Winder, Devin Smeltzer, Lewis Thorpe
Duran, the organization’s No.5 prospect, probably has the highest potential of anyone in this group, and it would have been a safe bet he would have had a meaningful insight into the major leagues this season if he did. there hadn’t been a nudge. strain that closed it in June after just five appearances for Triple-A St. Paul. Winder, ranked No.9, would also likely have surfaced with the Twins, but was sidelined in August with a shoulder issue.

Smeltzer and Thorpe both have major league experience, but essentially haven’t been a factor this year due to injury – and in Thorpe’s case, he won’t be an option in the minor league. next season, which means he’ll have to break camp with the squad. or not at all.

“I would say you are always disappointed when some of the players that you hope to make the Major League squad here soon get stuck to some extent for different reasons,” said Falvey. “Whether it was for performance or health reasons. And the guys you just mentioned, in their case, it was health reasons. So it’s disappointing.”

There is certainly talent and advantages among this group, but those with fewer question marks – Ober, Ryan, and Dobnak – don’t have the top of the rotation, making them a group with more. quality depth possible than the ace potential. The problem is, Duran’s injury in particular left the Twins in a tough spot, as having more clarity on his potential potential as part of the 2022 rotation would make it much easier for Minnesota to assess their needs.

It’s not hard to imagine a successful rotation emerging from a combination of these players – especially when Jordan Balazovic, Cole Sands, and Matt Canterino are also graduating from the upper minor and the big leagues – and there will be options. available on the free game. -the agent and commerce markets, with notable free agents expected to include Kevin Gausman, Zack Greinke, Clayton Kershaw, James Paxton, Robbie Ray, Carlos Rodón, Max Scherzer, Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard and Justin Verlander.

In any case, there’s no real way around the uncertainty presented by this group, although the Twins are beefing up their options with a handful of external additions. There is a wide range of outcomes at stake here considering all the youngsters – but there also appears to be a limited cap among the existing group, something the twins will need to consider when they look to 2022 and into the future. -of the.

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Crew Complete Spaceship Fit Check Before Completely Private Orbit Mission – Spaceflight Now

Commander Jared Isaacman and his teammates Hayley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor and Chris Sembroski pose with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft on August 30 at the Cape Canaveral space station in Florida. Credit: SpaceX / Inspiration4

The four private citizens who will fly into orbit later this month on a chartered SpaceX capsule visited their spacecraft at Cape Canaveral this week for fit checks.

Authorities on Wednesday released the first images of the dome attached to the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft, a new addition that will give the crew a breathtaking view of planet Earth at an altitude of over 350 miles.

The four-person crew, led by billionaire Jared Isaacman, donned their SpaceX-made flight suits and strapped into the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft on Monday inside SpaceX’s Dragon processing facility at the Cape Canaveral space station.

The mission is called Inspiration4, and it will be the first fully commercial manned space flight to orbit the Earth, without a government-employed professional astronaut on board. The mission is the centerpiece of a charity project designed in part to raise $ 200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a non-profit institution dedicated to the treatment of children with cancer and other pediatric illnesses.

The launch, scheduled for September 15 on a Falcon 9 rocket from pad 39A, is SpaceX’s next mission from the space coast of Florida.

Isaacman, 38, is a civilian pilot experienced in flying high performance fighter jets. He’s paying for the mission – SpaceX charges around $ 50 million per seat – and will command the three-day Inspiration4 flight on the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft, which he designed to be fully automated, with the crew involved only in the operation. of the capsule. in case of emergency.

The commander will be joined on the mission by Sian Proctor, 51, a private pilot and science educator with a master’s degree in geology, Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old assistant physician in St. Jude, and Chris Sembroski, a 42- data engineer one year old from the Seattle area.

Proctor and Sembroski obtained their places through a competition and a lottery. Arceneaux, a survivor of childhood cancer, was named to the crew to represent “hope”.

Inspiration4 crew members trained in a simulator at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif., Flew in fighter jets, and flew in a zero-gravity trainer for a taste of what they will experience in orbit.

The Crew Equipment Interface Testing, or CEIT, is one of the last major milestones for the Inspiration4 team ahead of launch. CEIT, which gives astronauts the ability to see and interact with the equipment they will use in space, is a SpaceX-adopted holdover from NASA’s manned space flight program.

Isaacman called CEIT a “dragon test drive” and tweeted that “all systems have checked themselves well.” The Crew Dragon Resilience reusable capsule is now mounted on its disposable trunk, where the energy-generating solar panels and the ship’s cooling radiators are located.

The Inspiration4 mission is SpaceX’s fourth crew mission since NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken stepped into orbit on the company’s Crew Dragon Endeavor spacecraft in May 2020. SpaceX developed the Crew Dragon spacecraft as part of a cost-sharing partnership with NASA.

The Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft is set to launch on its second flight, after a six-month stay on the International Space Station that ended with four astronauts landing on water in May. Since the capsule returned to Earth four months ago, SpaceX technicians at Cape Canaveral have refurbished the spacecraft for another trip to orbit.

SpaceX plans to launch a third human-rated Dragon spacecraft for launch on October 31 with the upcoming NASA crew flight to the space station. The company claims that each Crew Dragon is rated for at least five missions.

Commander Jared Isaacman poses inside the dome window mounted on SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Resilience space station, ready to fly on the three-day Inspiration4 mission. Credit: Inspiration4

Unlike SpaceX’s contracted NASA crew missions, the Inspiration4 flight will not make it to the space station. Instead, the Crew Dragon capsule will fly a Falcon 9 rocket into an orbit about 357 miles (575 kilometers) above Earth, higher than astronauts have flown since the last maintenance mission of the space shuttle to the Hubble Space Telescope in 2009.

Before, during and after their three-day flight, Isaacman and his teammates will participate in several human health experiments sponsored by SpaceX, the Translational Research Institute for Space Health at Baylor College of Medicine and investigators from Weill Cornell Medicine, according to a statement. Press.

Crew members will also participate in awareness and fundraising activities for St. Jude.

Private astronauts will also have spectacular views of Earth through a bubble-shaped window that SpaceX installed in the front of the capsule, replacing a docking adapter used for missions to the International Space Station.

Officials affiliated with the mission released the first images of the SpaceX-built cupola window on Wednesday, showing each of the Inspiration4 crew members inside the glass structure at SpaceX headquarters in California, before that the company is shipping the dome to Florida for integration with the Crew Dragon capsule.

“I have never seen an organization more innovative and impressive than SpaceX,” Isaacman tweeted Wednesday. “Six months between the idea and the material fully analyzed and ready for flight! He tweeted, referring to the dome.

“They make science fiction a reality every day and Inspiration4 is proud to be a very small part of the history they make.

Send an email to the author.

Follow Stephen Clark on Twitter: @ StephenClark1.

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Woolly shoe company Allbirds targets $ 2 billion Nasdaq listing

Sustainable kiwi shoe company Allbirds is gearing up to debut on Wall Street with an initial public offering that could value it at over $ 2 billion ($ 2.72 billion).

The direct-to-consumer wool shoe brand has cult status in its native New Zealand where its sneakers are worn by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden and in Silicon Valley, where venture capitalists and startup founders pair the sneakers with their Patagonia jackets. Allbirds shoe enthusiasts range from Google co-founder Larry Page to Allbirds actor and investor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Allbirds a filed an S-1 to list on the technology-dominated Nasdaq exchange in an app that has shown high growth but also increasing losses for the company.

The founders of Allbirds, Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger.

Allbirds lost $ 14.5 million in 2019, which widened to $ 25.9 million in 2020, according to the S-1 filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). However, the company’s revenue continued to grow from $ 193.7 million in 2019 to $ 219.3 million in 2020.

Online sales accounted for 89% of Allbirds’ total sales, with more people shopping online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has also benefited from the shift to casual attire.

Last year, Allbirds raised US $ 100 million in a funding round valuing the company at US $ 1.7 billion. While the startup has listed the size of its offering at $ 100 million, that figure is just a placeholder and will change when the terms of the stock sale are set, with reports Allbirds is seeking to be. valued at $ 2 billion or more.

The company was started in New Zealand by Joseph Zwillinger and Timothy Brown in 2015, with the couple launching a Kickstarter campaign a year later to “Wool runners: no socks. No smell “ who raised $ 120,000.

Mr Brown came up with the idea of ​​using wool to make shoes when he was a professional footballer for the Newcastle Jets in Australia and Wellington Phoenix in New Zealand and partnered with the former tech entrepreneur own, Mr. Zwillinger.

“Coming from New Zealand, the land of sheep, I saw an opportunity, in wool, that miracle fiber that had been overlooked or, you know, maybe it was just a really bad idea,” he said. he declared. Age and The Sydney Morning Herald in a previous interview.

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California State Schools Head to Visit Caldor Fire and Highlight Fundraising for Affected Schools / Teachers | South Lake Tahoe

Tony Thurmond, California State Superintendent of Public Education, will join El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Ed Manansala, at Calder Fire on Wednesday. They will be there to get a first-hand perspective of the fire’s impact on area schools and to offer support to displaced residents, as provided by the California Department of Education’s Emergency Response Fund. Foundation (CDEF).

At the Placerville Library, Thurmond will share donated books and gift cards for families affected by the wildfire and program staff will showcase the family support and tutoring services offered to people displaced by the closure of the seven county school districts. The El Dorado County Community Hub program, a partnership between First 5 El Dorado, the County Library and the El Dorado County Office of Education, delivers these offers through the support of volunteer educators and Elizabeth’s leadership. Blakemore, Director of Learning and Family Support, and Jesus Cordova, Bilingual Family Engagement Specialist.

Superintendent Thurmond will visit Caldor Fire Incident Command at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds to receive a briefing from Incident Commander Jeff Veik of Cal Fire before joining a meeting of superintendents from the 15 county school districts of ‘El Dorado at the El Dorado County Education Office. The District Chiefs Gathering will provide Thurmond with first-hand updates and accounts of school closures and evacuations related to the fires, as well as a COVID-19 briefing from Health Officer Dr. Nancy Williams County of El Dorado.

Donations to the CDEF in the event of a disaster can be made to the CDEF GoFundMe page. To support educators in El Dorado County who have been affected by the Caldor fire, visit the EDC Emergency Aid Fund for Educators which was established by the El Dorado Community Foundation.

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Nutrition, physical activity is critical early | News, Sports, Jobs

For the publisher:

Research has long shown that investing in the early stages of childhood development yields countless rewards as children age into their teens and adulthood. For those of us who work in this field, it is heartwarming to see public and private funders investing in organizations and programs that strengthen the social, emotional and physical health of young children.

From the system change work of the Adirondack Birth to Three Alliance and funding for the new Federal Stabilization Grants to Targeted Small Grants for Child Care Providers and Programs, the Adirondack Foundation’s Small Grants for Small Children program , we are seeing a new commitment to this sector. With the recent announcement that the Heart Network’s Building Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) program will add an early childhood component, this momentum will no doubt continue.

The goal of the CHSC is to improve community health outcomes through the establishment of policies, practices and built environments that emphasize physical activity and nutrition. The next five-year cycle of the publicly funded program will extend these principles to daycares and daycares. This means greater investment in infrastructure that helps children play and become active – a crucial part of development, especially in the early years of life. It also means putting more emphasis on providing healthy foods to young children, and we know that at any age, nutrition is the foundation for learning and physical development.

As a board member of the Heart Network and Executive Director of the Child Care Coordinating Council, I look forward to this continued investment in the early childhood sector.

Please contact our team if you would like to get involved: email CHSC Coordinator Andrea Goff at [email protected] or call 518-891-5855.

Jamie Basiliere

Executive Director of the Northern Child Care Coordinating Council and Member of the Heart Network Board of Trustees

Saranac Lake

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Reinette W. Uys 1929-2021 | News, Sports, Jobs

YOUNGSTOWN – Reinette W. Uys, 91, passed away on Monday, January 25, 2021 in Youngstown.

She was born in 1929, in Uitenhage, South Africa, daughter of David Schalk and Maryna McKay Weidemann, parents of 12 children.

His father worked in the railroads in the service of the automobile factories in Uitenhage. The Weidemanns and McKays were from Aberdeen, a small town in the Eastern Cape Province. She married Johannes M. Uys in 1952, and she and her husband moved to the United States in 1955. They first lived in Boston and Pittsburgh. In 1960, they moved to Youngstown, where, with the exception of five years in Chicago, they remained for the rest of their lives. In Youngstown, she devoted herself to raising her four children and caring for her husband as he pursued a career in the steel industry. They raised their family in Boardman Township and spent their final years on the north side of Youngstown.

Reinette enjoyed traveling, playing tennis, skiing, hiking, reading and socializing. She was an excellent cook and managed to stay lean and fit, despite her love of sweets. She maintained her joie de vivre, her open-mindedness and her youthful attitude until late in life.

After raising her four children, she became active in the Youngstown community. She was a member of the board of directors of the Stambaugh auditorium. She worked tirelessly for four years to raise funds for the restoration of the auditorium’s EM Skinner pipe organ, which is one of the few in the United States. She enjoyed running and was thrilled to win her age group in the Youngstown Peace Race. She was a member of the Youngstown Country Club, where she enjoyed tennis and swimming. She devoted herself to volunteer work at the Park Vista Retirement Home, as well as at Planned Parenthood, where she was President of the Mahoning Valley Chapter.

She suffered the loss of her son, David, in 1978, and found joy in the lives of her children, Eric Uys, J. Peter Brinker Uys of Atlanta and Tina and Peter Bedell of Chicago; his grandchildren, David and Caroline; and beloved family friend, Charles T. Wingo of Atlanta.

She was a caring and dedicated mother and grandmother.

Estelle van Jaarsveldt is his only surviving brother. In addition to her immediate family, she is survived by 32 nieces and nephews and their children in South Africa, England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, United States, Canada, Netherlands , Oman, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

There are no services.

Arrangements were made by Rossi Brothers and Lellio Funeral Home, Boardman.

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