According to a report by the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism (GPAHE), a non-profit organization dedicated to exposing racism and bigotry, they have added One Nation to their register of 20 Australian hate groups.

According to Crikey, One Nation was included on the list for “its anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, white nationalist and conspiratorial ideology.”

Protest for One Nation 2016, Credit: Richard Milnes/Alamy Live News

The letter read: ‘How can we expect this race to help itself when governments flood them with money, facilities and opportunities that only these people can get, no matter what the minute of native blood running through their veins and that is what causes racism.”

The GPAHE report speaks of Hanson pushing the White Australia policy while claiming that other mainstream political parties are “out of touch” with what the nation wants.

Hanson condemned immigration in her maiden speech in Parliament in 1996 when she said, “I believe we are in danger of being overwhelmed by Asians.

“They have their own culture and religion, form ghettos and don’t assimilate.”

GPAHE also criticized One Nation for spreading misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine undermining the efforts of the World Health Organization.

They added: “The senators had worked to block efforts on climate change, which PHON [One Nation Party] senators called it a scam and conspiracy of the UN, and other progressive issues.”

LADbible has reached out to One Nation for comment on this story.

Pauline’s comments come after Senator Faruqi spoke of Queen Elizabeth II after her death, noting that her royal empire was built on the lives of exploited “colonized peoples”.

The NSW senator wrote on September 9: “Condolences to those who knew the Queen.

“I cannot mourn the leader of a racist empire built on lives, lands and wealth stolen from colonized peoples.

“We are reminded of the urgency of a treaty with the First Nations, justice and reparations for the British colonies and becoming a republic.”

The Australian reported that a few hours later, Senator Hanson expressed her disgust at the senator’s comment about the late monarch, tweeting: “Your attitude revolts and disgusts me. When you immigrated to Australia, you enjoyed all the benefits of this country.

“You took citizenship, bought several houses and a job in a parliament. It’s clear you’re not happy, so pack your bags and go back to Pakistan.