December 14, 2021

Michael Ferguson, Minister of State Development, Construction and Housing

The Tasmanian Liberal government is offering an unprecedented investment in public housing and the affordability of homes. And this investment is currently leading to finished homes.

In partnership with the government, Centacare Evolve Housing completed six new two bedroom homes in Ravenswood. This means houses that will house six Tasmanian households by Christmas. This is great news for Tasmanians who are struggling to find affordable housing.

These homes were built under the Community Housing Growth Program and are part of the Liberal Government of Tasmania’s substantial investment in social and affordable housing.

Here at Faraday Street Ravenswood, we are building 36 housing units as part of this project – 28 social housing units and eight properties that will be available for affordable homeownership opportunities.

We will continue to build more houses here each month until the project is completed around May of next year.

On this site alone, the Liberal government of Tasmania has invested $ 4.06 million, which will inject a total of nearly $ 12 million into the local economy. It’s more housing for Tasmanians in need and more work for Tasmanians as well as support for local businesses.

Ultimately, increasing the supply of housing is the only way to fight rising house prices and get more Tasmanians into decent housing.

We are responding with a record investment of $ 615 million in social and affordable housing and initiatives for the homeless, including our record-breaking $ 280 million election pledge to expand our program to build new social housing for Tasmanians in need, which is most important to this state for decades.

In addition to our previous commitment to build 1,500 homes by June 30, 2023, we have increased our commitment to build an additional 2,000 new homes by 2027, for a total of 3,500 new homes by 2027 to help our most vulnerable, which includes our record investment to help approximately 5,000 Tasmanian households escape housing stress or homelessness.

Thanks to Centacare Evolve for their commitment to providing and managing social housing and congratulations to the new tenants of these wonderful homes.

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