As part of the second round of its Industry Impact Grants program, five Health Innovation and Research Grants from $200,000 each is now available to HBCUs for innovative projects focused on health-related research

ATLANTE, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Providing world-class opportunities to conduct quality research and create innovation for historically black colleges and universities and their students, HBCU’s global technology and learning center, the Propel Center today announced the availability of $1 million in Health Innovation and Research Grants, as part of the second round of its highly anticipated Industry Impact Grants program. In addition to funding, Fellows will have the opportunity to work alongside Propel Impact Industry Mentors, who are available to help develop programs and provide ongoing mentorship, learning support, and internship opportunities.

With support from Apple, the new one-year scholarship series is for HBCU students to encourage the development of projects that help ensure HBCUs have unprecedented access to vital virtual and in-person learning experiences in health-related research. This includes STEM fields, data science, and the machine learning-artificial intelligence continuum – essentially the workforce landscape of tomorrow.

Project proposals, to be reviewed by May 27, should reflect innovative thinking in research and programming to create digital technologies in health and wellness, and clearly demonstrate how the institution plans to create a more diverse pool of talent in digital technologies. health, medical programs, undergraduate studies and allied health professional programs. We encourage proposals aimed at addressing the many health disparities that affect marginalized communities, ranging from mental, maternal and cardiovascular health to infectious diseases and the development of clinical algorithms.

“Creative thinkers can harness the power of technology to solve complex challenges. We’re proud to help provide HBCU students with new pathways to create innovative solutions that transform their communities,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives. “These grants will empower our next generation of leaders to address systematic health disparities by focusing on equity, access, and opportunity.”

The Propel Center’s Industry Advisory Board and a community of industry experts, responsible for co-designing immersive learning experiences for students, will be available to support HBCUs in preparing their proposals.

Propel’s Industry Impact Grant Selection Committee will review proposals beginning on June 2 and make final funding recommendations, and the Propel Center will announce the awards on June 17.

“We cannot overstate how truly committed we are at Propel to transforming the experience of the evolving global and diverse workforce, while nurturing and cultivating the black talent pool in healthcare. future,” says Dr. Charles J. Gibbs, President of the Propel Center Consortium | HBCUs. “I continue to marvel at the opportunity we have before us through our Impact Grants program to create vision, as well as access to an unlimited future for HBCUs and their students.”

On Ed Farm
Ed Farm was launched in February 2020 in Birmingham, Alabama creating programs designed to engage students, educators, and adult learners in innovative digital skills experiences that better prepare them for the 21st century workforce. To advance, Ed Farm expands its programming and footprint across the country, building on existing programming and ongoing work in birmingham.

About the Propel Center
Supported by founding partners Apple and Southern Company, the Propel Center is a one-of-a-kind center of innovation and learning for the entire HBCU community that will serve as a catalytic epicenter of learning, providing students with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources needed to transform the nation’s talent pool and workforce. Through a robust virtual platform, on-campus activities at partner institutions, and a physical campus located in the University Center of Atlanta, Propel will bring innovative programs and unparalleled leadership opportunities to produce the next generation of leaders. black.