As Armada seniors prepare to graduate in May, some students and teachers are looking to go to “jail” for the cause of the American Cancer Society.

The Armada Police Athletic League leadership team at Armada High School will host the school’s second annual Relay for Life in conjunction with the National Honor Society on May 14 from 3-10 p.m. A silent march will take place at 8:30 p.m. The event will take place a few days before the last day of school for seniors on May 20. The relay will take place at the Armada High School track area, located at 23655 Armada Center Road in Armada. Registration is not required and the event is open to the community. Sabrina Grove, an 18-year-old at Armada High School, is president of PLT Philanthropy.

“It will be about athletics at Armada High. We will have bright bag lighting and a march to honor lost loved ones, Grove said.

The event will include garden games and other entertainment. Relay For Life is a signature team fundraising event for the American Cancer Society (ACS). Traditionally, the relay is a team fundraising event in which team members take turns walking around a track or path in events lasting six to 24 hours. . Fundraising for Relay For Life takes place year-round, but typically kicks off for many local relay groups in January and February.

This year’s Relay For Life event at Armada High School is the second annual event. Grove said last year $7,000 was raised. In the past, PLT students attended a Relay For Life event in Shelby Township, but wanted to host a relay closer to home, Grove said. Participants in the Armada High School Relay event will pass the baton to keep someone on the trail at all times, and an Armada alumnus affected by cancer will speak, Grove confirmed.

The PLT has raised funds for the ACS at various times this school year, including at a Purple Out-themed basketball game on January 28 and at a Mr. Armada event held in partnership with the school’s National Honor Society. Fundraising for ACS at Armada High mostly takes place in the week leading up to the event, Grove said.

Fundraising at Armada High is done through many methods, but one of the most popular is the “jail” teams of students and teachers. Grove said students team up with each other or teachers and agree to go to a staged “jail” for part of the time during the relay event if certain fundraising goals are met. , often submitting to squirt guns from relay participants during the “incarceration.” The week leading up to the relay event will also feature a spirit-filled week of clothing days for Armada High students, primarily to generate publicity and awareness for the relay event. Fundraising will continue during the event.

“Bins will be placed around and a bake sale will take place during the event. We will have a QR code for online donations and post it,” Grove said.

This year, the PLT sought to make the relay event at Armada High School a larger community event. Grove said it contacted local businesses as well as student councils at Memphis Community Schools and Richmond Community Schools. PLT also sought to increase participation within the Armada Area Schools District, inviting students and staff from Krause Elementary School and Armada Middle School to raise funds and participate. Luminaria bags were made available for free before the event, and some will also be available during the event, according to Grove.

“Luminaria bags will be sent to elementary, middle and high school. Teachers and children can take them home and invent them for their loved ones. We will place them in the offices of all schools and some Armada businesses in case the community wants to join us. We will also have a QR code displayed to link to entry photos and information about loved ones who have died of the disease. We’ll put them on a slideshow when we do the walk,” Grove said, adding that survivor information and photos may also be posted.

Krause Elementary students were also encouraged to participate in Coin Wars in the week leading up to the Relay event, and a special Relay Recess on May 13, Grove said.

The management team of the Armada Police Athletic League has approximately 70 students. The Armada Police Athletic League (PAL) is a nonprofit organization that offers summer camp programs. Camp is hosted at Center Lake Bible Camp, 15204 20 Mile Road in Tustin, and typically lasts about a week. The camp is run by volunteer staff for high school students.

PAL Leadership Team (PLT) is a training program for high school students involved in camp, designed to teach skills for working with younger children as well as planning and leading activities. Being part of the PAL PLT is a key step towards becoming a junior/senior PAL counselor at camp. Principal advisors are those aged 18 and over. PAL PLT students participate in many activities outside of camp, including community and philanthropic activities, team building, and situational training.

Nicole Tuttle is a freelance journalist for The Voice