By Sammy Bredar

Students in the Hamilton Southeast School District have been offered the Education Panorama Survey twice a year since 2019. The survey helps identify emotional and social areas to address to better support students. According to district officials, finding ways to improve in these areas can contribute to academic engagement and achievement.

Brooke Lawson, Mental Health and School Board Coordinator for HSE Schools, highlighted the importance and benefits of the Panorama survey.

“At HSE Schools we believe that students are much more than an exam result. We also understand the link between strong social and emotional skills and positive school climates and academic growth,” Lawson said. “Schools use this data to ensure students feel safe at school, have positive relationships with teachers, and have strong social and emotional skills.”

Lawson said the surveys help the school district improve.

“We already use and plan to continue to use Panorama survey data when planning school improvement each year,” Lawson said. “Schools are analyzing this data and putting in place (school-wide) strategies to better support students,” Lawson said.

Brad Ferris, student achievement and analytics manager for HSE Schools, agreed with Lawson that data helps the district better meet student needs. »

“These data points give us valuable insight into what we need to change as we help students develop the academic skills needed to succeed and create school environments where they feel safe, welcome and productive,” said Ferris.

Ferris said the surveys have already had a positive impact on the district in how it helps students.

We have seen an increase in how students perceive their ability to regulate their emotions, which can lead to better academic achievement as well as increased teacher-student relationships, indicating a more cooperative learning environment. and benevolent,” Ferris said.

While HSE schools stress the importance of the Panorama survey, district officials also understand that some parents may not be comfortable with their child participating in the survey. Parents who do not want their child to take part in the Panorama survey can opt out via the HSE Schools website with no impact on the student. The survey is voluntary.

“If parents are concerned about the questions posed by the Panorama survey or its purpose, we encourage them to visit our website where we have dedicated an entire page to answer questions about the surveys,” Ferris said.

To learn more, visit to learn more about the Panorama Survey as HSE schools.