Group B is a growing collection of innovative luxury hospitality and travel brands born, not from the legacy of a hotelier, or the purse of an accountant, or the efficiency of an administrator, but of a divergent collective of creative minds: designers, architects, inventors. , contractors and ultimately customers. All recognize the powerful potential for truly memorable experiences.

The brand leader is Andrew McIntosh: entrepreneur, media chain owner, photographer and former adventure and accommodation operator, with a long history in travel and tourism, but above all an insatiable desire to be a generous, entertaining and supportive host.

Our team works with one guiding light – to create memorable experiences that can be shared with customers and staff. Individual experiences, shared experiences, experiences so good you want to share them with the world. So good, the industry is recovering and realizing how far behind the eight ball it is, but by the time it catches up to us, we’ll still be 10 steps ahead.

B Group’s success is defined by our ability to make the experience as personal as possible. We believe in it with passion. Be generous when others cut costs and corners. Our goal is to be the friend you wish you had wherever you go, and to always, always have fun in what you do. If we do this and wrap it in an environment that is both thoughtful and down-to-earth, we will undoubtedly create something special.

The culture behind B is not driven by what we do, but why we do it. It is this thought that we believe produces great experiences. We’re not looking to do anything special for what it is, that’s why we do it. You’re not trying to climb Mount Everest for the actual feat, you’re doing it for the “why.” We believe that the reason you want to do this is the basis of wonderful experiences, companies and people. So why B, why hospitality and why these unique dining experiences. It’s about doing something we can be proud of, doing something we can build from a new slate, wanting and ultimately stepping back and watching our new friends engage with our creations. We believe that if we take care of the “why”, the “what” will take care of itself.

B Group is developing properties and sites in Queenstown and Wanaka, New Zealand.

The hotel:

Kitea – Wanaka, New Zealand

Kitea is the first in a series developed by B Group. Located in the heart of Wanaka (one of New Zealand’s fastest growing tourist areas), Kitea is a 35-room luxury hotel. The hotel will offer minimalist luxury accommodation with a modern design, complemented by the PUKU restaurant/café on the ground floor and the rooftop bar JUICE. An exclusive guest courtyard has been designed around the concepts of connection, providing space for guests to relax by a fire and share their adventures with like-minded travelers, or cook their own pizza in the oven. wood with the help of the chef using herbs. they picked from the vegetable gardens in the yard.

The Kitea offering is designed to differentiate itself from other hotels by enabling staff and guests to connect and create unique shared experiences on and offsite. With a guest offering and engagement strategy focused on “the individual”, from the moment they click “BOOK”, Kitea will create lasting memories for our team and our guests.

B Groups the other properties:

Wamarino – Queenstown, New Zealand

This luxury beachfront lodge aims to bring contemporary design to New Zealand’s luxury lodge landscape. The development will include 12 suites, 12 premium suites and a stunning 4 bedroom owners residence. These buildings will be nestled in the lush native landscape and will make the most of the land and mountain views. They will also be complemented by a guest restaurant and a gin and vodka distillery. The land will also house a vegetable garden and an orchard.

Work & Culture:

Creativity and a focus on facilitating extraordinary experiences are at the heart of B Group’s culture. No day will be the same with such a diverse and ever-expanding group of locations, each with their own personality, the Managing Director of Kitea has endless career growth potential and the opportunity of a lifetime to leave his mark on the hospitality industry through innovation and vision.

your responsibilities

  • Manage all social media properties and digital accounts
  • Create content for social media accounts, websites, external promotion of venues and their products
  • Create and execute promotions and advertising campaigns
  • SEO and marketing optimizations
  • Manage external content creation, videographers, etc.
  • Manage and develop brand partnership content deployment
  • Develop and create resources for promotional campaigns
  • Develop and manage external third-party social media promotional campaigns
  • Work with Director and Business Manager on content creation

The role

  • The role will be a 6 month part-time contract with the possibility of extension.
  • You can be based anywhere. Ideally you would be in the Wanaka and Queenstown area, but open to explore all arrangements.
  • You have at least 3 years of experience in a similar position.
  • Basic video and image editing skills essential
  • Have a good knowledge of creating, optimizing and managing paid social media advertising campaigns
  • Photography and videography skills preferred