Picture via Disney

star wars fans went wild on social media after The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal said at Star Wars Celebration that he might be ready to have a kid.

During a Q&A panel, Pascal said it was ‘difficult to be separated from being separated from Grogu’ and that it was the closest thing he had experienced to being a father. . He ended his answer by saying that maybe it was time to have a child.

Since this press conference, Star Wars fans have been convinced that Pascal would make a good dad. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He has such a close attachment to a young alien baby; imagine what it would be like with a real human child.

Naturally, Star Wars fans began to volunteer to carry Pascal’s future child. Some have even given up on their original plans of not having children just so they can get “hands-on lightsaber training” with the wielder of the Dark Blade.

While it’s unclear if Pascal really wants a child now or later, he certainly has a slew of options as to who he can use the force with. After all, it seems many Star Wars fans are ready to answer the call for the good of the galaxy.

The Mandalorian Season 3 is set to release on Disney Plus in February 2023.