LR Lukman Adekola; Group Head, Corporate and Investment Banking Solutions
Sterling Alternative Finance, Abubakar Suleiman – Managing Director, Sterling Bank Plc, Mohammed Yunusa; Director, Digital Products and Innovations, Sterling Alternative Finance and Olatunji Olabisi; Chief Information Officer, Sterling Alternative Finance.

Sterling Alternative Finance has announced the launch of Nigeria’s first ethical investment platform, Altinvest. This announcement was made during a media conference recently organized by the bank to launch its investment platform.

The interest-free arm of Sterling Bank plc, Sterling Alternative Finance, has revealed that AltInvest aims to change the world of investing, with a focus on the real sectors of the economy helping its partners create impact on economy even as they create wealth without compromising their ethics.

The many investment options listed on the app are centered around diverse and real sectors such as agriculture, real estate, among others, all of which are geared towards wealth creation, capital appreciation for investors and supporting economic activities focused on inclusion, growth and development. The investment app also boasts of digitization and automation of investment advisory services, real-time portfolio monitoring, and transparent investment placement across a variety of asset classes.

Speaking on the uniqueness of the app, Mohammed Yunusa, Director of Digital Products and Innovations, Sterling Alternative Finance reiterated that users of the digital investment platform invest in the financial market through the real sector and are assured growth in their personal wealth. He said: “We do investments differently on AltInvest. We make sure to bring your investment vision to life by providing the backstory of what our users, who we consider partners, are investing in, as well as providing a certificate of ownership on that particular investment opportunity, which secures the investment.

Speaking in more detail about the Altinvest app, Olatunji Olabisi, Chief Information Officer, Sterling Alternative Finance, in his remarks, described the app as being equipped with the best technology and assured of its top-notch efficiency and security. order. In his comments he said ‘ The application has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that user investments are well secured. The app also prides itself on having a user-friendly interface which makes investing easier and more accessible for the user. The app also offers generous educational resources with details on each of your investment choices. This way, potential users don’t have to know the A-Z about investing before signing up with Altinvest”

Additionally, speaking about how the bank mitigates risk for retail investors, Lukman Adekola, Group Head, Corporate and Investments Banking Solutions, Sterling Alternative Finance explained that due diligence has been carried out to guard against volatility. He said: “We have conducted our due diligence identifying the risks associated with the investments and have put in place strategies to mitigate these risks. So rest assured that we only provide secure investment listings for our partners. As an organisation, we firmly believe that trust and transparency are essential.’

In his remarks, Abubakar Sulieman, Managing Director of Sterling Bank Plc, said: “We are extremely excited about our latest product offering, Altinvest. As a brand, we are committed to constantly creating value for our partners and stakeholders. I am convinced that our new offer, Altinvest, will contribute to our drive to expand financial inclusion by ensuring that more people have access to financing and investment solutions. He added “We become the representatives of our partners at the table where wealth is created.

About Altinvest:

AltInvest is the first ethical investment platform focused on investments in the real sector, to help finance economic activities focused on inclusion, growth and development. This product aims to solve the problem of investors who are reluctant to invest in conventional financial instruments, due to beliefs and values. AltInvest is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

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Alternative finance in sterling:

Sterling Alternative Finance is the interest-free arm of Sterling Bank Plc that allows customers to bank and transact at 0% interest. Sterling Alternative Finance offers various product offerings and solutions such as Alt Mall, Alt Drive, and Alt Power, among other diverse and innovative solutions.

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