Unlike his previous Tokyo Ghoul series, mangaka Sui Ishida creates an intricate story that will expand the world of his new manga Choujin X.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Choujin X chapter 22!

Mangaka Sui Ishida is already building a more complex world in his new manga Choujin X that he never did in his past tokyo ghoul series.

World-building was obviously never Ishida’s primary focus when he was telling tokyo ghoulthe story. Along with the struggles of ghouls trying to fight their urges, Ishida instead won the hearts and interests of fans by portraying the grotesque nature of his more immoral eponymous creations like the extremist group Aogiri Tree and the terrifying Ghoul Restaurant. Ishida has also devoted pages to exploring the different types of ghoul predatory organs known as kagune, particularly when ghouls have evolved into cannibalistic kakuja. Additionally, he limited his world to just 24 neighborhoods in his version of Tokyo.


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In chapter 22 of his new manga Choujin XIshida’s narrator teases a complex history that goes back quite a long way, suggesting that this new world will be much larger than tokyo ghoul has ever been. In this case, the narrator is going back 70 years when there was actually an entire nation of choujin, as opposed to the current situation where these superpowered beings are few in number and live in the shadows. It is not only the divergent states of the present and past worlds that make Choujin X intriguing story, but the fact that the past was full of pitfalls. There was actually a great war going on during this time between the choujin and the humans as well, a description that promises a more detailed explanation in later chapters to complicate things for Ishida. Choujin X world further. This time period is made even more mysterious by the introduction of a legendary figure known as War Choujin Queem whose quotes shared over the course of the chapter add to their illustriousness.

Choujin X chapter 22 features a quote from the legendary War Choujin Queem.

In comparison, Sui Ishida attempted to create a sense of history when constructing the world of tokyo ghoulbut it doesn’t go that far back to create the larger sense of legacy that clearly exists in Choujin X. Before Tokyo Ghoul:re, Ishida created the illusion that there was much more to the story than the current events of the manga through the stories of the legendary Counter Ghoul Commission agent known as Arima after Chapter 100. Despite his young age , Arima rose through the ranks and actually succeeded by injuring the one-eyed owl, another legendary figure readers had only heard of until now. But this larger world was actually much smaller than fans had hoped, as Ken Kaneki later confronts Arima himself (and loses his memory as a result) and the one-eyed owl actually turns out to be a disguised character that fans already knew.

Although tokyo ghoul is still by far the superior series, mangaka Sui Ishida made it clear early on that he has no intention of building the world of tokyo ghoul beyond its main cast of characters, including hero Ken Kaneki. Aside from the aforementioned examples, the furthest Ishida actually went was Yoshimura’s tragic history with the mysterious organization known as V. The fact that Ishida features the so-called Choujin War and the Choujin Queem in Choujin X as early as chapter 22 creates the very exciting impression that he plans to build a much larger world than he ever did in tokyo ghoul.

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