Changemaker Week events will go virtual for the 2022 celebration. Photos by Erik Jepsen/UC San Diego Communications. All photos taken before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jhe start of the year brings new opportunities to take action that positively benefits our local communities, our region and more. At UC San Diego, students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members ring in 2022 with Changemaker Week from January 15-22. As part of the fourth annual celebration, a series of free, week-long virtual events will highlight the exceptional work of change taking place at UC San Diego and beyond.

Changemaker Week activity where students were invited to make new friends and share their personal ideas in a ball pit.

As part of a past Changemaker Week activity, UC San Diego students were invited to make new friends and share personal insights in a ball pit.

Changemaker Week, which is led by the Changemaker Institute with programs hosted by units across campus, allows participants to explore how to create positive social change through public and community service, research, social innovation , social entrepreneurship, social justice and more. This year marks the biggest celebration yet, with over 40 opportunities focused on creating change for the good of all.

“At UC San Diego, we are committed to cultivating a community of changemakers who not only do things differently, but take creative action to address social issues,” said Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla. “As we kick off our fourth annual Changemaker Week, I welcome every Newt to continue developing the knowledge and skills needed to drive positive change in our campus ecosystem and around the world.”

Along with the celebration, the university will also present events in recognition of the Martin Luther King Jr. Week of Service. Volunteers are invited to participate in virtual projects to honor and elevate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Coordinated by the Center for Student Involvement, each free event provides creative and meaningful opportunities to serve the community. In-person service projects have been postponed and will be postponed to a later date.

Please note that all Changemaker Week activities are subject to change based on the latest campus operations guidelines. For all campus operations updates, please visit the UC San Diego Return to Learn website. This year’s program includes:

The whole week

Campus community volunteers gather for a photo during an earlier Changemaker Week celebration.

UC San Diego campus community volunteers gather for a photo during an earlier Changemaker Week celebration.

Green Residence Survey
Discover how to make lasting changes in your own life with UC San Diego’s new Green Your Residence Sustainability program. A self-assessment is available to help you identify areas of sustainability where you could improve, as well as where you are already succeeding. Survey participants can also sign up to receive giveaways and enter a drawing to win a prize.

January 17

MLK Jr. Service Week: Letter Writing for the Prison Compassion Project
Members of the campus community are encouraged to become pen pals and write letters to inmates and death row inmates. This project is carried out through the non-profit Compassion Prison Project (CPP), which strives to transform prisons and communities through trauma-informed compassionate action. This virtual event begins at 6 p.m. and is hosted by the Center for Student Involvement.

January 18

Introduction to the Diversity and Science Lecture Series
Learn about the work and lives of young life scientists in San Diego through a virtual presentation hosted as part of the Diversity in Science (DASL) Lecture Series. DASL features junior life scientists presenting their science and commenting on equity, diversity and inclusion in STEM. In this 11 a.m. to noon session, researchers Evan Boyle, Jillybeth Burgado, and Gabriela Goldberg will share information about DSL and lead a conversation.

Community health project sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement
Starting at noon, learn how the Center for Student Involvement-sponsored Community Health Project works with community partners to build healthier communities. During the virtual workshop, participants will explore how the project addresses food insecurity, youth education and mental health in an affordable housing setting.

January 19

Members of the campus community attend a 2020 Changemaker Week workshop centered around leadership lessons.

Members of the campus community attend a 2020 Changemaker Week workshop centered around leadership lessons.

Change Agent 101
In this virtual workshop starting at noon, participants will learn more about themselves as agents of change and discover how they can have a positive social or environmental impact. Participants can learn where they stand on the “Continuum of Change” and discover ways to get involved in campus and community efforts to address social and environmental issues.

Turn your passion into action! A conversation with local leaders who are making a difference
The Career Center will host a virtual program at 3 p.m. where attendees will hear testimonials and learn from local changemakers who are on the front lines of social justice and reform initiatives in San Diego and beyond. Participants will discover how to make a big difference, from raising awareness and advocacy to community organizing and policy change.

January 20

Changemakers at the doctoral school
In this virtual event beginning at 4 p.m., hear from a panel of UC San Diego PhD students. students who are agents of change through the research they engage in and the positive impact they influence on and off campus. Attendees will learn about the speakers’ journey to graduate school, the graduate student experience, and how they plan to continue serving as agents of change after graduation.

Designing a Safe Space for LGBTQIA+ Entrepreneurs Virtual Workshop
This interactive co-design workshop will focus on creating a safe space for LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and allies to access the support, community, and resources needed to thrive. Participants will explore what a safe space for LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs might look like, the resources needed, and the types of support needed. Two UC San Diego entrepreneurs-in-residence lead the workshop: Annie Brown, founder of creative sharing platform Lips and Sonia Steinway, director of strategy consulting firm Artemis Connection.

January the 21st

A Conversation with Changemaker Faculty Members
In this virtual conversation beginning at 9:30 a.m., learn about the Changemaker Faculty Fellows program and how each Fellow implements community-engaged learning in their work. Attendees will also hear from a cohort of Fellows about their experience in the program.

Changemakers Week Restorative Circle
The Restorative Justice Committee will lead a discussion focused on restorative practice as a tool in social change work. During this virtual event starting at noon, participants will also have a dialogue centered on social issues.

Learn more about scheduling a week of free events by visiting the Changemaker Week website.